[Closed] Wild Blooms cafe review

Hey guys! It’s Kayden back with another review! Today, I’ll be reviewing the floral themed cafe, Wild Blooms.

Wild Blooms entrance

The cafe is just a 5-6 mins walk away from Hougang MRT. However, even though it’s near, the cafe is not easy to find so make sure to keep a lookout ya!

Upon entering the cafe, you can see the cashier immediately but there seems to be a lack of seats hmmm… Don’t worry, just turn to your left and you will see a flight of stairs heading up, like the picture shown below! Just head up the stairs as all the seats are located upstairs.

Wild Blooms flower wall

Look at that beautiful wall of flowers! From what I know, the wall often gets updated per the festival eg. Halloween. I visited around Star Wars day so the wall had Star Wars plushies hung all over it! Really have to give this an A for effort!

Creamy potato soup $3.90

creamy potato soup

Nothing mind-blowing but if you love your potatoes, give it a try! The soup has a very robust potato flavour and tastes slightly peppery.

Lu Rou Fan (Braised pork rice)

Wild Blooms Lu rou fan

The most disappointing out of all the dishes I tried tbh and if I’m not wrong, this is only a temporary dish. What many Singaporeans are used to is the salty and savoury kind of lu rou fan but this dish is on the sweeter side so it really felt weird. If you like your Taiwan lu rou fan then this really isn’t for you!

Seafood Aglio Olio $12.90

Wild Blooms prawn aglio olio

This is so good! The prawns are super fresh and the flavour of the spaghetti is so full and robust! For 12.90, it really is worth it, especially if you compare it to other cafes/restaurants that serve Aglio Olio!

Charcoal wings (half-dozen) $10.90

Wild Blooms charcoal chicken wings

This is the bomb! The crispiness of the chicken wings combined with the slightly spicy and savoury sauce is just so so good!

Blooming princess $8

Wild Blooms blooming princess tea

Lastly, these are the teas that Ice and I ordered. The one at the back is the blooming princess (the flower really blooms out from a ‘seed’) while the one at the front should be apple blossom? (Can’t recall exactly>< it has been a while) I’m not a tea expert but I do recall both tasted slightly bitter. I felt that the aromas of the teas were lacking as well.

I myself prefer tea that is on the sweeter side like silver moon tea from TWG! I mean those aren’t pure tea, and they are also not marketed as such. I believe vanilla essence etc have been added to enhance/improve the flavour which makes it more mass appealing and easier to enjoy!

Lastly, wild blooms do sell jelly cakes as well and they even have workshops for making them!


All in all, I feel that you should try Wild Blooms at least once! It is quite different from your typical cafe in the sense that they actually offer workshops and a decorative wall that changes per the festival!

My only woes would be that the location is not easy to find and the teas are not my thing. However, if you’re looking for a peaceful place to chill, this is it.

That’s it for today. Kayden signing out. ☮️

Wild blooms @ 1187 Upper Serangoon Road #01-01 The Midtown Residences


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