Izawa Review

Hey guys! It’s Kayden here again! Today, I’ll be reviewing one of the most delicious food in Korea that blew me away! That’s right, it’s Izawa!

So before you are mistaken, this is actually a Korean restaurant even though their style looks Japanese! Why? I’ll tell you if you read on 😉

This is their menu!


Gyukatsu 13000 Won

Izawa Gyukatsu

This is their signature but to be honest, I’m not impressed at all. If you look closely, you can see that the batter used is very thin which is very different from Japanese cuisine! And there’s no crunch factor! (It’s not a bad thing, just stating the difference between the korean and jap cuisine)

However, here comes the problem. The beef inside the fried crust is not juicy nor tender at all! At this point, I started doubting if it was the right choice to even fry beef given how tender it is hmmm… The tender and juicy beef getting all dried up definitely isn’t something I want to try.

The real star is the next dish ;D

Stekidon 11,000 Won

Izawa Stekidon
Izawa Stekidon

Wowow! This is just so so good! And it’s even cheaper than their signature :3

What you’re supposed to do is to grill the meat on the hot stone that the service crew will light up for you!

The meat is so juicy and tender that you can’t believe it only cost $13! (I ate this dish twice in 20 days and I’m quite picky over my food)

However, do note that there are many outlets in Korea. There’s one in Hongdae, one in Myeongdong, and even one in Wangsimni! The one I would recommend is the one at Myeongdong!

If you’re going to Korea, remember to try out Izawa Stekidon, I highly highly recommend it. Kayden signing out, peace.


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