Welcome to YSK, I’m Kayden and she’s Ice! On our website – YSKdays, it is all about living life with style! We will be reviewing various products such as food, fragrances, and cosmetics. These topics are all our passion and all of them are essential in our life. I mean, who doesn’t want to look attractive, smell nice, and have satisfying meals?!

Anyway, those who have been following us for the past 3 years would know that this blog was originally hosted on WordPress.com. It started out as a blog solely for food reviews. As time got by, we decided why not share all the good and useful stuff with you guys! Hence, our very own self-hosted website, YSKdays.com is born!

Lastly, we want to keep this site as casual as possible without the use of over-complicated vocabulary. It just reduces the whole fun factor with regards to sharing our passion. Being true blue Singaporeans, we will occasionally use Singlish and Chinese words (with its English counterpart annotated at the side) within our reviews to more accurately express our thoughts. That being said, our reviews will still be understandable by all.

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