Congee House Review

Heyyyyy guys! It’s Kayden here again! Today, I will be reviewing a restaurant located in Myeongdong, and it’s called Congee House.

I came to this restaurant with my mum just before she flew back to Singapore and even though I’m not blown away, it’s really pretty good!


Abalone Porridge with extra abalone (15,000 Won)

Congee house abalone porridge

As you can see, the amount of abalone slices is stunning! With every single spoon of porridge I ate, there is bound to have a few pieces of abalone in it!

Actually, I had never tried abalone porridge before this, and I was really surprised at how tasty it is. The thickness of the abalone slices was just right to taste the crunchiness. More importantly, the abalone used was not chewy as well.

The porridge itself was on the gooey and thick side, packed with lots of flavour. As with any Korean restaurant, the porridge comes with


Congee House has received a very good rating of 4.3⭐ in Google reviews. For me, the abalone porridge indeed lives up to its reputation! Give this a try, perhaps on the day where you are flying and you don’t want to have food that is too heavy/spicy, which may cause you a stomach upset on the plane.

If you’re in Korea, do try out Izawa! This restaurant is one of the best gems in Korea.


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