Wan He Lou 【万合楼】Award-winning Lobster Porridge

Wan He Lou

Wan He Lou has previously won several awards and is known for its Teochew-style Lobster Porridge. This dish was inspired by and improved from the combination of the freshly caught lobster with rice and seawater that was cooked when Chef Lau went on a diving trip. It has since won awards and became the signature of Wan He Lou.

We went to the branch at Jalan Besar to try out the lobster porridge!


As it was still Phase 3 heightened alert when we went there, Wan He Lou was very quiet and had barely any customers. Hence, it was hard to judge its general ambience.

Nevertheless, it has the typical Malaysian Chinese restaurant vibe. Definitely looks like a great place for a family get-together!

Despite the rather empty restaurant, they do have many delivery men coming in and out to get orders!


Wan He Lou Signature Lobster Porridge – $39.90 (450g)

Super flavourful soup base, with fresh and savoury lobster taste. Despite it being so flavourful, it does not taste too heavy, and it can be finished down to the last drop.

The porridge is the Teochew style porridge, which means it’s like rice grains soaked in broth, instead of the Cantonese style, where the rice are being cooked till they are mushed up.

The lobster is definitely springy. However, since it was cooked in soup and all its sweetness has dissolved into the flavourful broth, the meat itself has less flavours and is not as sweet as I had imagined it to be.

Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg – $11.90 (small)

The salted egg seasoning here is on point, savoury and fragrant salted egg smell. Not too jelat, but flavourful enough for you to pop one after another into your mouth.

One down point, I feel, is that the lotus is not crispy enough. If it can be thinner and crispier, paired with the fragrant and savoury salted egg seasoning, it would have easily been the best crispy lotus I have ever eaten!

Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork – $14.90 (small)

This dish is the most normal dish out of the 3 dishes we ordered. It tastes normal, seasoning is ok, pork is tender, but definitely no WOW factor in it and did not impress both of us.

Feels like a dish that can be replicated at home easily. Definitely can give this a miss and try out other dishes.

Service at Wan He Lou

The service is ok, nothing to rave about!

Maybe because we went there during Phase 3 Heightened Alert, the restaurant only have 2 waitress serving the dining area. Hence, it takes a while to catch their attention if they are busy trying to pack the delivery.

Price – $$
Rating – 3.5/5

Address: 65 Maude Rd, Singapore 208347

Opening hours: Daily, 11am – 2:30pm and 5pm – 9pm


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