Halcyon & Crane review

Hi Everyone! It’s Ice back again after a long while~ Today, I am going to review Halcyon & Crane, which was the place Kayden brought me to have dinner after my major exam ended!

Halcyon & Crane is located in Paragon, with a very cozy and pretty environment.

Halcyon & Crane


Zesty Crispy Baby Squid $16

Halcyon & Crane zesty Crispy Baby Squid
Zesty Crispy Baby Squid

As you can see in the photos above, the squid is coated in a really crispy batter, tossed in a slightly spicy and sour sauce. I would say, it makes a great appetizer! Additionally, the squid was soft and fresh, unlike some places where they often fry the squid till it is hard and rubbery. I cannot stop eating this, and just keep popping one after another into my mouth.

King’s Chicken Hash Benedict $24

Halcyon and crane king's Chicken Hash Benedict

It’s basically just bread with 宫保 chicken, 64-degree egg, and cheddar cheese. First off, the 宫保 chicken is not flavourful enough, not spicy enough like how a real 宫保 chicken should be. Second, it’s a mess to eat (so if you hate messy food, you should avoid this). Third, I would expect the cheese to be able to melt into the chicken and the bun, but nope. Just a slice of cheese on top. All in all, nothing amazing. However, the fried potatoes are good! The small chunk of potato holds so much flavour in it it’s so delicious! The baked tomatoes, on the other hand, are slightly cold… I would prefer it to be warm since it’s baked, and the juicy tomatoes would taste so much better.

In conclusion, this dish is a mehhhh…

Spicy and Sour Prawn Linguine $26

halcyon and crane spicy and Sour Prawn Linguine

Given that the description said “Spicy and Sour Cabbage Broth”, we expected something spicy and sour. When it was served, I tried a mouth, and … it doesn’t taste spicy nor sour. Did they give us the correct dish? So we got the waiter and asked him about it, and he took it back for the chef to re-season. There was slightly more flavour when it came back, so I think it might be just a mistake. However, to be very honest, it wasn’t that spicy or sour as I thought it would be.

Apart from not meeting our expectations in terms of the flavours, the linguine was well-cooked, not too soft nor too hard! Kayden thinks that the prawns aren’t that fresh and indeed, we expect them to be fresh at this price point.


All in all, Halcyon & Crane is great, and we feel that the dishes are well-cooked, although some were not up to our expectations. We both agreed that we would love to come back to try other dishes.

If you are looking for other delicious food in the area, check out Uya Unagi Restaurant! The queue can be quite long during meal times so please visit early!

Price: $$$

Rating: 4/5

290 Orchard Rd, #03-09 The Paragon, S238859

Opening hours: 9am – 9pm daily


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