Tom’s Palette Review

Hey guys! Kayden here again!! Today, I’ll be reviewing this hidden gem near the National Library in the Bugis area! So what exactly is Tom’s Palette selling?

Waffles & Ice cream!

One thing I love about Tom’s Palette is the creative ice cream flavours, and how they change over time. Right now, they have Pi Pa Gao, white chocolate nori, Vietnamese coffee, etc… These are flavours I have never seen elsewhere. Do check out their website to find out more!


Brownie waffle + Caramel Stout ice-cream $10.50

tom's palette charcoal waffles

There are 2 choices of waffles, with the brownie one costing a dollar more at $7.50.

Firstly, the brownie waffles are super awesome! Ice was really skeptical about it at first, thinking that it would only be a normal chocolate waffle but we’re pleasantly surprised by its brownie flavour and crispiness!

Next, the caramel stout ice cream was very creamy and taste very different from normal caramel! (In a good way). I’m guessing that the stout fused with the caramel gives a whole new flavour! However, we’re a tad disappointed when there was totally no alcoholic taste because the ice cream was labeled alcoholic T.T

Last but not least, if you are a poly/university student or staying at Populous hotel, you are entitled to a 10% discount off the menu!


Please hurry down to Tom’s Palette before it gets found out by the masses! The seats are limited but rest assured that they are widely spaced apart so that everyone can have their own personal space.

That’s all for today, Kayden signing off.

51 Middle Rd, #01-01, Singapore 188959

Opening hours:

12pm – 9.30pm (Monday – Thursday)

12pm – 10pm (Friday – Saturday)

1pm – 7pm (Sunday)


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