Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipsticks

Hi guys! I am finally back with another cosmetic review, and this time I am reviewing a highly raved China cosmetic brand, Happimess (乐在其中) I have seen lots of reviews previously by online influencers on how good their lipsticks are, and how worth it is. Hence, I went on shopee and got 3 different liquid lipsticks to try out!

As usual, I will review the lipstick based on its colour, texture & coverage, and longevity & colour transfer. Let’s get started, shall we?

Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipstick

The lipstick comes in a relatively simplistic white packaging, with nice silver wordings on it. The lipstick itself comes in a relatively cheap plastic packaging, with a smile “:)” on the cap and mess written on the body. Honestly speaking, I don’t really fancy such packaging as it gives off a rather ‘cheap’ vibes as compared to many other drugstore brands. I feel that L’oreal, Maybelline, Revlon etc has much better packaging than this.


I bought 3 different colours this time. I tried to buy it on their flagship store on Taobao itself, but most items were OOS, and I could not be bothered to check every now and then to see if they will restock. Hence, I got it from Shopee instead, which has quite a limited variety of colours to choose.

I bought this 3 colours:
S107 – Grapefruit Soda (西柚气泡水)
S003 – Jujube Wave Tea / Jujube Jam (红枣波波茶)
S504 – Princess Berry (草莓公主)

Below are the swatches for the 3 colours:

Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipstick – S107 Grapefruit Soda (西柚气泡水)

First up, Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipstick S107 grapefruit soda features a more sweet and gentle reddish pink colour. This colour brightens up your complex and gives off a warm and sweet vibes. I think it is great for everyday make-up and dates!

Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipstick – S003 Jujube Wave Tea / Jujube Jam (红枣波波茶)

Next, the Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipstick S003 Jujube wave tea is a lot darker and has a tinge of brown in its red colour. It features a more mature and vintage vibes as compared to the other 2 colours. I think this colour will be great with a more mature and formal make-up and outfit! I also like that the brown tinge in this red is just enough to give it that classiness.

Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipstick – S504 Princess Berry (草莓公主)

Lastly, the Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipstick S504 Princess Berry features a more reddish pink, exactly like a super ripe and sweet strawberry. This lipstick colour brightens up the face, and gives the face a nice healthy glow. I believe this colour is suited for romantic dates too!

Texture & Coverage

Overall speaking, I find that the coverage is good. I have a naturally darker lips, but this lipstick is able to cover up to 90% of my natural lip colour. However, it is unable to lighten the deep lip lines I have, but it does not enhance it as well.

Despite its high coverage, the texture of the lipstick is light and glides onto the lips smoothly. It feels comfortable on the lips, not too drying nor does it make my lips feel tight.

My lips are naturally dry, and tend to have dry skin on it. I don’t find a general amount of lipstick being stuck around the dry areas, which is great as well!

One thing to note though is that, their lipstick wand is a bit big, so it is hard to get around the area without staining outside of the lips. I recommend you to use the wand to apply in the middle of my lips, and use either your fingers, cotton buds or lipstick flat brush to even it out and go around the outline of your lips to have a more neat finish.

Longevity & Colour Transfer

This lipstick colour still transfers, as seen in the image below, where I dab my lips on a piece of tissue paper several times. I think only around 10% of the lipstick stains on the tissue paper, and the main bulk of the lipstick still remains on the lips even after several dabs.

Overall, I think this lipstick stays on the lips pretty well.

Despite having a great hold, these colours can be removed easily with a make-up wipe, and most of the stain comes off with a wipe. Just give it a few more wipes, and you will have 0 stain left on your lips! And I think this is really a plus point, as there are some lipsticks that stains your lips, and is really difficult to remove!


These happimess lipsticks have a chocolate-y smell, which I believe is intended as it is written in the image on the shopee seller’s page as well. I find the chocolate-y smell a bit fake, but it is not too overpowering or strong and does not really stay on the lips. The smell only appears when you are applying the lipstick, otherwise you won’t really smell it.

Happimess Icicle Liquid Lipstick Price – $14 (on Shopee)

I think that at a price of $14, Happimess lipsticks have performed extraordinarily well, with strong beautiful colours that stay on well on the lips without being too drying! I highly recommend it!

It is probably slightly cheaper on Taobao, but please do account for the shipping fees as well! I think shopee is a good way to buy it even though it has a limited variety of colours available.


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