MFK Aqua Celestia

Hey guys! It’s Kayden back with another fragrance review! Today, I’ll be reviewing another of my top 3 summer fragrances, MFK Aqua Celestia.

The top notes are: Lime, Mint, Black Currant and Neroli

Middle notes: Mimosa, Green Notes and Rose

Base notes: White Musk

It’s a fairly simple, linear and dare I say, “pretty” scent done right!


Aqua celestial perfume

On the first sniff, you get a dose of very bright lime together with the sweetness of the blackcurrant. The blackcurrant note is very similar to the ones found in Byredo’s Bal d’Afrique & Vagabond Prince’s Enchanted Forest. There seems to be some magic around this blackcurrant note because it just feels so “pretty” and uplifting.

Due to this reason, many actually tend to classify this fragrance as being too feminine, but to be honest, it just smells like a very bright, soft, and uplifting citrus scent to me. Just imagine sitting by a stream overgrown with blackcurrant and lime chilling with your childhood crush. Isn’t it just wonderful?

As this fragrance dries down, green notes, rose, and musk starts to come out to play. It’s hard to determine exactly when that happens because they just blend in so seamlessly without you even noticing.

Longevity and projection

Aqua Celestia lasts for 5-6 hours on the skin and projects slightly more than an arm’s length for the first 3 hours. Personally, I think that is a decent performance for a summer citrus fragrance. However, since this scent is fairly linear without many stages, I tend to go two sprays on my shirt for that extra hour of longevity.

Aqua Celestial VS Aqua Celestial Forte

Ah, the question that I always get. If you are looking for a straightforward answer, Aqua Celestial Forte is better.

Aqua Celestial Forte opens up with much more citrus due to the addition of lemon. Hence, the first 1-2 hours is very citrus-heavy without much sweetness. Around the 2 hour mark, you basically get the same Aqua Celestial.

To summarise, Aqua Celestia Forte is Aqua Celestia wrapped in a citrus bubble for 2 hours. Hence, what you are getting is an additional 2 hours of refined lemon, lime, and mint scent.

This is also the reason why many claims that Aqua Celestia Forte is more masculine because they only judge based on the top notes and failed to notice that the dry down is exactly the same.

Seasons and occasions

Aqua celestial on a laptop

A very versatile fragrance that can be worn to basically any occasion, be it to the gym, going for a date, or even to a wedding dinner. The only place I think it might be slightly out of place is to a business meeting as this scent does not smell all that professional or authoritative.

Seasons-wise, I think this is a Spring and Summer scent. It does not have the performance to cut through the cold during Autumn and Winter. Moreover, the uplifting and soft scent profile does not really fit into the Autumn and Winter vibe as well.


Aqua Celestia is an excellent Spring / Summer fragrance and a strong contender for the first niche fragrance to buy due to its versatility. Both guys and girls can wear it unless you are one of those super-rugged or buff guys. When my bottle runs out of juice, I will definitely be getting Aqua Celestia Forte instead due to the reasons mentioned above!

If you are looking for a gentleman’s fragrance to wear to formal occasions, check out our review on Tom Ford’s Fougere D’argent. A scent fit for the modern gentleman.

Yup, that’s all for today. Peace.


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