Taiwan Beef Noodles

Hii Everyone~ It’s Ice back again and I’m finally writing some reviews on Taiwan’s food after ages! Taiwan Beef noodles is my favourite favourite in Taiwan among other favourite foods (haha cause Taiwan has really nice food!), and uhm… we actually ate it twice in Taiwan, in 2 different eateries. So, I decided to review both of them!

Taiwan Beef Noodles . Chicken Soup

On the first day in Taiwan, we went to this Taiwan beef noodle eatery that sells Taiwan beef noodles and chicken soup (as written on their signboard) – but there’s more than that, definitely.

Here’s the stall, and there was quite a queue. So you have to write down your name and wait a while for seats. Enter, sit down and choose what you want, go to the counter and pay for it and wait for your delicious bowl of beef noodles! It wasn’t a really long wait, about 15minutes or so.



This is the beef noodle soup with beef. You can choose the type of noodles, and how soft or hard you want them to be. This was awesomeeee. The broth was really flavourful, and the beef was tender and not hard to chew on. I love how the soup is full of the beef flavour, that shows how much time and effort goes into it. You can also add the different condiments that were given at the side to enhance the flavour of the soup (they even have a note at the side to recommend you to add which condiments into which kind of noodles). We got our noodles in normal texture, and I think it was slightly too hard. So if you are not someone who fancy noodles with more bite to them, you might want to request them to cook it longer for the noodles to be softer.

taiwan beef noodles soup without beef

We got this beef SOUP noodle (without beef, cause we were confused with the menu as to what’s the difference between this and the beef noodle soup with beef), and yup.. it was just noodles and soup. I mean… the soup was great as well, but I need my beef hehe. Oh, and we got the thicker cut noodles for this, and as usual, I find it too tough and would prefer if it was cooked longer.


We got this as well to share, and I forgot the name of it (sorry..), but it was decent, but not overwhelming. So I would say, go for the beef noodle soup with beef instead hehe.

Overall, I strongly recommend trying out this eatery for the beef noodle soup that is packed full of beef flavours, and also do remember to opt for softer noodles if you are not someone who fancy tough noodles.

Taiwan Beef Noodles. Chicken Soup (6 pm – 4 am; closes on Sunday) – No. 85, Section 4, Civic Blvd, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

Zhengwu Beef Noodle

Other than this stall, we went to another beef noodle stall on our last day in Taiwan to satisfy our cravings before we leave (yup, we start our Taiwan journey with beef noodles and end it with beef noodles, yummy no regrets)

My friend saw someone recommending this on their insta story, and so we went for it: Zhengwu Beef Noodle Restaurant

Zhengwu beef noodles

It is a small cosy shop, with really friendly staff and even a television for you to watch some shows. It feels really comfortable. Knowing that it was our first time there, they even recommended different dishes and explained the difference between the different soup bases they offer, and different kinds of meat etc. It was really nice I would say!

They allow you to have different soup bases, different meat varieties, with the different softness of the noodles etc!


tomato soup based taiwan beef noodles

My friend ordered this special beef noodle soup, which is a tomato-soup base, and I would say it’s a really nice change for the usual 红烧牛肉面! I felt that the soup taste rather refreshing because of the tomato added to it.

red braised taiwan beef noodles

I ordered this,  which is the standard 红烧牛肉面, with beef and beef tendons. The soup is more of a lighter version (as compared to the previous shop mentioned), but it is still packed full of the beef flavour and tastes really comforting and good.  The noodles were of the right softness and is a good match with the soup.


As you can see above, the beef is really tender and well-cooked. The tendon was really nice as well, and not as ‘jelak’ as I thought it might be.


The staff strongly recommend we add these 2 condiments, 牛油 (makes it slightly spicy and more fragrant) and 酸菜 (adds another layer of flavour to the beef noodle soup, and complements really well with the beef noodle soup as well). I strongly recommend adding them as well!!

Overall, I strongly recommend going to this beef noodle restaurant if you are new to beef noodle soup, and would like to go for a milder option, with more flexibility for you to customise how you would like your beef noodle soup to be.

Zhengwu Beef Noodle Restaurant (11 am–3 pm, 5–8:30 pm) – No. 21號, Lane 75, Section 1, Da’an Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106


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