Best Soup Dumpling in Yilan

Hiii, Ice is back with another review! Today, it is a short post, but I really wanted to write this because it’s the besstttt soup dumpling I have ever eaten! This is a small eatery that we found in Yilan, selling really good soup dumplings, and I highly recommend you going to try this if you are in Yilan.


This, look at how long the queue is in the early morning. You can either choose to eat in or do takeaway. It’s really goooood. We chanced by this (while looking through Google Maps for food), and it was the best decision we made.

best soup dumplings in yilan

This is it. The best soup dumpling. It’s 10 dumplings per plate, and most people ordered 1 plate to eat. We ordered 1 to share, cause we felt like we couldn’t finish 10. There’s chilli for you to add directly to the dumplings. And you should totally add the chilli, cause it’s really good! It’s not too spicy, but it gives an additional flavour to the dumpling, making it nicer and more fragrant.

Coming back to the dumpling, it’s the best because… the meat is nicely marinated, super tender and packed with flavours. The flavour lingers in your mouth even after you finish the dumpling, making you want to go back for more. The meat is really juicy, and the soup in the dumpling is so flavourful as well. Oh, and I have to say that the dumpling is really packed with meat, totally no 偷工减料! The only downside is that the skin is slightly on the thicker side, and i think it would be great if it was slightly thinner. Butttt, it does not affect how awesome this dumpling is.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.


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