Morganfield’s Review

Hiii guys! It’s Ice here! So, recently Kayden finally bring me to eat Morganfield’s sticky bones after me pestering him for ages (Psst, he doesn’t like pork ribs but I loveeee them)

We went to Morganfield’s at Orchard Central, and it was really peaceful and quiet even though it was lunchtime ~ I love such peaceful quiet restaurants!

Sticky Bones (Lite Slab) – Spicy Asian BBQ flavour

Morganfield's Sticky Bones

I ordered the set lunch which cost $19.90 and comes with a drink and soup~ tbh, when it came I was like shocked that the portion was quite small.

The meat itself was really tender and comes out of the bones pretty easily. So you don’t really need to tug it out, so I would say it’s pretty well-cooked. The meat was also not hard to chew on, as it was tender and still has a bite to it and not just simply too soft. However, the Spicy Asian BBQ sauce was a disappointment… It was a lack of flavour and it was not spicy enough.. at least for an Asian?

Nevertheless, it was really filling as the meat comes with fresh salad (which I love), and that it actually helps to neutralise the strong taste of the meat. The fries were crispy and nice as well, decent as fries I would say.

All in all, pretty good, but not overwhelming.

Grilled Pork Ribeye Chop

Morganfield's Pork Ribeye Chop

Kayden got this grilled pork ribeye chop which is a char-grilled pork shoulder chop, served with red skin mashed potatoes, garden veggies and mustard grain sauce. It costs $25.90 for this plate (ala carte).

The pork chop was really huge. Other than it being this big, it’s also really really thick. I tried a few mouths of this and I really love it! I don’t really like pork chop because it’s often too dry and hard. But this is totally not the case! The meat is tender, yet maintains a really good bite to it. It’s not drying, and in fact, I think it’s really juicy! The more u chew the more flavours of the meat it has. Pretty good I would say. I think it might be because the meat was fattier, so it might a bit jelak to finish the whole slab of meat by yourself. Other than that, the garden veggies given was quite a mehhhhh… The mashed potatoes are really special and nice too in my opinion and it tastes a little different from normal mashed potatoes.

All in all, I think it’s good to try, but the pricing is slightly on the pricier.


Yup so this is my review on Morganfield’s and I hope you like it!

See ya next time~


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