Shake Shack Review

Hey guys, it’s Kayden here again! So if you are up to date, you should know Shake Shack has opened it’s first outlet in Singapore! But don’t be too happy because the queue is at least an hour’s wait even if you go on a weekday afternoon… So is it worth the wait? Stay tuned to find out ;D


Lemonade $4.30

ice lemon tea

One of the most ridiculous things about this fast food outlet… A small-sized drink for $4.30!? This is ridiculous bruh! And for their shakes they are charging Starbucks prices WOW!

Smoke Shack burger $10.90

Smoke shack burger

Honestly, there’s nothing special about this one. The patty is tender and that’s it! Taste slightly better if not the same as a MacDonald’s cheeseburger plus bacon and cherry pepper.

Shroom burger $10.80

shake shack shroom burger

Okay, finally a good one! This one is unique and as a mushroom fan, Ice said that this is damn delicious as the mushroom flavour packs a punch! The cheese inside added the required texture to the burger as well! A must try if you are a mushroom fan!

Crinkle Cheese Fries $5.90

shake shack crinkle fries

A joke. That’s all I can say about the fries. This taste exactly like frozen fries from NTUC… And the cheese is too watery and no much cheesy taste at all!!! To sell frozen fries for $6, are u kidding me?


Final verdict? Shake Shack is not worth queueing an hour or more for this… Visit it when the crowd dies down. This is just a very normal fast food restaurant selling at high prices due to its “exclusivity” (The nearest places u can find it is in the Philippines/China/Japan/Korea)


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