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Hey guys, Kayden here! Have you ever wanted to visit a traditional Nyonya cafe but don’t know where to find it? Museum cafe has you covered for all your Nyonya cravings!


Nyonya Laksa $10.80

museum cafe laksa

This laksa is super good!!! It overthrew 328 Katong laksa as the first place in my heart :’) Even though the price is quite steep, you get 3 big prawns and even razor clams to compensate for it! You can’t eat this every day but once in a while, this is definitely worth it!

However, do note that the prawns are not peeled so you have to peel yourself… I’m super annoyed about this because I don’t like to get my hands dirty ):

Nyonya Kueh $1.50 per piece / Ondeh Ondeh $0.80 per piece

museum cafe kuehs

Okay, this is not worth it in my mum’s opinion. Do note that my mum is quite a pro at making kuehs and pastries. I tried it as well and we both felt that it didn’t taste “fresh” as it was relatively hard…

We also tried their signature Teh C special but turns out it wasn’t that special LOL… It’s simply adding Gula Melaka inside a normal iced teh C.


In conclusion, Museum Cafe serves super good laksa, probably the best in Singapore so it’s worth it to come down and eat it once in a while. Other than that, the shop has a very traditional outlook and it is definitely insta-worthy!

Do note that it can get really crowded during weekday lunch hours so avoid that timing if you can!

That’s all for today’s review! Do check out our other food reviews here!


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