Platypus Cantina

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to review on Platypus Cantina, which offers Mexican inspired cuisine.

After reading tons of good reviews online, and looking through the Valentines’ Day menu, Kayden decided to bring me to this restaurant for a 5-course dinner.

The Ambience of Platypus Cantina

Platypus Cantina offers a rather quiet and cozy environment. It would be great though to have some classical music to match the environment.

Food (5-course dinner)

We ordered the Bespoke Menu. And also the free flow wine as well.


First up is the Ceviche, which is made of salmon and caviar, cured in citrus juice, paired with bread. I am not a big fan of those big, orange caviar as they taste slightly fishy to me. Apart from that, I would also prefer if the sour and refreshing taste from the citrus juice is stronger, making it even more appetising.

Crab and Pepper Bisque

Crab and Pepper Bisque
Next up is a smooth and creamy Crab and Pepper Bisque. You can taste the slightly sour taste from the tomato in the bisque, which makes it appetizing. However, one downside is that there’s a lack of the crab taste in the bisque, which makes the bisque a 6/10. The sourdough bread topped with lump crab claw meat, on the other hand, tastes really crispy and good! Oh, and the soup gets slightly jelat towards the end due to how creamy it is.

Hokkaido Scallops

Hokkaido Scallops
Between Hokkaido scallops and seared foie gras, both of us chose Hokkaido scallops. Kayden likes this dish and thinks that the scallop is really delicious. However, I think that the scallop is slightly over-cook. I am not too impressed by this dish though even though it is nice.

Dry-Hung Ribeye

Dry-Hung Ribeye
This dish features argentine dry-hung ribeye with truffles and red wine jus. This dish. We were really anticipating this dish to be good. I mean, steak, truffles and red wine. It just sounds like a perfect combination, no? However, this dish was a complete disappointment and really spoiled the dinner in our opinion. The steak was really really tough and dry, that it was so tiring to just chew on it. It looks like it is cooked just right, and supposed to be really tender and nice, but it is the exact opposite.
When we just started our course, there was a couple that sat not far from us. We saw that they left almost the whole steak untouched, and left the restaurant after paying, we were still wondering why did they not eat their steak. After having ours, we understood why. Completely. I took a few bites and stopped eating the meat completely. All I ate was the roasted vegetables below.

Capella Tiramisu

The dessert is Capella Tiramisu. Maybe I am not used to this presentation of tiramisu, and I still prefer the traditional style. In this presentation, I feel like the ingredients are separated and I am just eating ladyfingers, whipped cream and fruits separately. Overall, not too impressed by this dessert.

Service at Platypus Cantina

The service throughout the whole dinner was rather disappointing.

First off, Kayden messaged to book the restaurant on 6th February to book the valentine’s dinner. After he mentioned his name and time as requested, the staff did not reply as shown below

screenshot of chat

As the staff did not respond, Kayden called him and he was told that the booking has been made and he will return the call again later. However, Kayden received no follow-up call and we decided to just believe what he said earlier on, that the booking has been made. When we went there yesterday, we were told that no booking was made under his name. Fortunately, we could show them evidence of him communicating with the staff through the whatsapp messages, and they managed to get us a seat. I could not believe how ridiculous that was – 1. To not respond to a customer’s booking. 2. To verbally mention that the booking has been made, yet it was not.

Second, the service was really slow, and dishes were served really long after one another. We arrived at 7pm, and it took us 2.5 hours to finish a meal, and more than half the time, we were simply waiting for food to be served. I don’t know if this is the norm, or it just so happened to be like this since it is valentine’s day. But the long waiting time between each meal is honestly quite annoying.

Price: $$$

Overall Rating: 2/5

Platypus Cantina

Address: 01-90/91 Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021

Opening hours: Mon–Thu 11:30–22:30; Fri–Sat 11:30–23:30; Sun 11:15–22:30


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