Redpan – Unique Modern-Singaporean fusion inventions


Redpan is an aesthetically pleasant restaurant, featuring interesting and creative interpretations of Modern-Singaporean fusion food.

I think it is interesting how they name the restaurant. It shows the concept they have on their restaurant – design + food

Red represents Singaporean and passion, and celebrates our food and design heritage;
Pan refers to the culinary essential, and alludes to the crucible of this creative and culinary experiment.

Quoted from redpan website

Ambience of Redpan

The design of the restaurant has a more industrial style, with basic geometrical elements. The choice of colour is black, grey and hint of red for that pop in colour.

It was rather quiet and nice when we went there, on a weekday night for dinner, allowing us to have a peaceful and nice dinner.


“Bak Chor” Foie Gras Pasta – SGD18

The “Bak Chor” Foie Gras Pasta features linguine tossed with minced pork stew, seared pork shabu slices & topped with a piece of foie gras.
Bak Chor Mee is a local favourite, which features chinese noodles tossed in vinegar, minced meat, pork slices, stewed sliced mushrooms, meat balls and bits of deep-fried lard. In Singapore, we often have it with some addition of chilli to give that extra kick!
This dish has an interesting fusion between this local favourite “Bak Chor Mee”, with western pasta. Chinese noodles are being replaced by linguine. The usual slight tanginess from the vinegar bak chor mee is rather lacking in this “Bak Chor” Foie Gras Pasta. The replacement of minced meat with seared pork shabu slice brings this addition fragrance to the noodles, which I think is a great addition.
On top of these, a unique addition, which is also the highlight of the dish is the nicely seared foie gras. Cut a small piece of the foie gras, top it with some pasta and meat. Mmmm~ The fragrance from the foie gras brings the whole dish to another level, making it really worth it to try.
Both Kayden and I highly recommend this dish!
I think redpan really did a great job with the integration of foie gras and our local favourite!

Prawn & “Hae Bi Hiam” Pasta – SGD17

redpan - Prawn & “Hae Bi Hiam” Pasta
The Prawn & “Hae Bi Hiam” Pasta features linguine tossed with housemade spicy shrimp paste & sautéed prawns.
I personally love hae bi hiam a lot! I love it with bread, rice or even eat it as it is. Hence, when I saw this dish on the menu, I immediately decided that I would like to try this!
This dish tastes like a spicy, creamy pasta, with strong shrimp fragrance, making it strongly addictive. However, it gets slightly ‘jelat’ towards the end, possibly due to the creaminess of the sauce. Nevertheless, the pasta is well-cooked, with great shrimp fragrance accompanied with every bite. The succulent prawns are also fresh and tasty as well!
I am rather impressed by how redpan managed to infuse hae bi hiam nicely into the pasta, bringing it an interesting and addictive flavour.

Durian Baked Alaska – SGD7.5

redpan - Durian Baked Alaska
For dessert, we chose the Durian Baked Alaska, which is durian ice-cream encased with meringue & blow-torched. We think this dish is a slight disappointment.
The ice cream was solid, icy and hard. The meringue is also cold. Hence, we think that it could have been torched beforehand and placed in the fridge or freezer (we are guessing so)
We would have preferred if the baked alaska was torched right before serving, such that the warm meringue can complement well with the cold ice cream on the inside. Also, that would allow the ice cream on the inside to be slightly softer and creamier, instead of being solid hard. On the other hand, the durian ice cream could have been stronger-flavoured and creamier, but that’s our preference.

Service of Redpan

Service at redpan is rather good. They are quick to attend to our needs, and dishes are served rather quickly as well. They are also quick to refill our cup of warm water when needed.

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 4/5


Address: 6, Raffles Boulevard #02-03/04 Marina Square Singapore 039594

Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm


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