Fougere D’argent

Hey guys, Kayden here! Today, I’ll be reviewing a refined blend of classiness, Tom Ford’s Fougere D’argent.

First of all, Fougere D’argent is a oriental fougere fragrance released in 2018 for both men and women. It is created by 2 perfumers, Olivier Gillotin and Linda Song.

Top notes: Mandarin orange, lavender and ginger

Middle notes: Labdanum and akigalawood

Base notes: Coumarin AKA tonka bean

Tom Ford's Fougere D'argent, an exquisite and refined blend.


On first sniff, it smells pleasingly sweet, green and ever so slightly spicy, probably from the ginger present. If you put your nose up close, you can also get slight nuances of smokiness which I attribute it to the labdanum, which can smell both sweet and smoky.

After 10 minutes or so, the slightly powdery and soft lavender starts to pop out, giving this fragrance a very refined and elegant touch. At the same time, the spiciness of this fragrance also starts to die down.

As this fragrance starts to dry down, lavender leaves the scene ever so quietly. What remains is this green and sweet scent with an added touch of woodiness from the akigalawood which further elevates the classiness of this scent.

Do note that even though tonka bean is listed as a note, the sweetness of this fragrance is soft and pleasant. It is unlike the cloying sweetness of Versace eros and Armani Code profumo which I am not a fan of, especially in a hot and humid country like Singapore.

Longevity and Projection

Above average longevity and soft projection but definitely not a skin scent. In this category, I feel that this is executed perfectly. This refined scent should not be too loud that makes you seem like you are oblivious to your surroundings. However, given the hefty price tag of this fragrance, it should not be a skin scent. Moreover, the above average longevity ( 7-8 Hrs) further justifies the price of this scent.

Seasons and Occasions

This is a fragrance that I see someone wearing in a more upscale setting. It is a perfect scent for a modern gentlemen without smelling too dated. This also mean that anyone above 18 is able to pull it off perfectly. Please don’t wear this with T-shirt and shorts though as it will really seem out of place.

This scent can be worn both in the day and night. Season wise, I believe that Fougere D’argent is suitable spring, summer and fall. Its versatility is also another plus point that you might take into consideration before making this purchase.

If you want to find out more about this fragrance, you can find out more from Fragrantica. That’s all for today’s review (:


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