Bedok 85 Bak Chor Mee


Heyyy guys, Kayden here. Today will be slightly different as I’ll not be doing an official review but ranting about why you should not eat  Bedok 85 bak chor mee anymore!

I believe all of us would have eaten at this stall before or at least heard of it. Indeed, it is a very iconic stall here in Bedok that even our parents love.

But, as someone who spent 25 years of my life in Bedok, I’m sad to say I have watched the 2 iconic stalls (One with a red signboard and one with a yellow signboard side by side) get worse and worse till the point I have to give up on them…

Just not worth it anymore

Let’s start with the yellow signboard first which my dad told me is the original one. I ate bak chor mee from this stall a few months back and the noodles are not cooked properly and the minced meat portion is damn small! Moreover, the soup is basically tasteless. Just 2 days back, I went back for the noodles again and wanted to give this childhood stall another chance. Guess what? It disappointed me again with the same exact problems.

Moving on to the red signboard. This stall still serves bak chor mee with a decent taste but compared to last time, the taste has deteriorated significantly.

Here comes the worst part. Both stalls have long abandoned their tradition of providing soy sauce and chili on a plastic plate. Wait, before you say they are trying to be environmentally friendly, they are still using disposable chopsticks… Moreover, to make it convenient for themselves, they switched out all of the ingredients such as wanton(dumplings) to meatballs that aren’t even handmade.

So what do all the above-mentioned points mean? They are just trying to save costs. The portion getting smaller is understandable, but no more soy sauce and the soup getting tasteless?? Please, you’re ruining your own reputation. I believe sooner or later, Bedok 85 Bak Chor Mee will go downhill.

If you are looking for a nice Bak Chor Mee (dry version), check out our review on Jalan Tuakong’s Mee Pok!

Kayden signing off.


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