Lilybyred Lip Tint – Vibrant, Long-lasting and Cheap!

Hello everyone! I am back with another make-up review, and this time it is on Lilybyred make up products!

Not sure if you have heard of lilybyred before, but this is my first time trying it! I chanced upon it while browsing on guardian during sales period! I googled it and apparently, it is a rather popular drugstore brand that is best known for its lip tints! Since it looks promising, I thought i would get a few to try out!

I got the following products:

lilybyred products
(Top left to right)
Romantic Liar Mousse Tint – Shade 01
Romantic Liar Mousse Tint – Shade 05
Mood Liar Velvet Tint – Shade 05
(Bottom left to right)
Glitter Zone #Shower – Shade 06
Glitter Zone #Shower – Shade 05


First impression

This picture shows the swatches of the respective colours.
The colours swatched pretty much match the colours on the packaging.
That is really good cause it would mean that you can trust the colours that you see from the packaging (cause some lipsticks are not like this)
The texture is slightly thick when first applied.
Once it is being blend out, it seems to settle to a rather soft look.
Doesn’t feel heavy or thick too.
The lipsticks have a candy sweet smell to it.
So if you are sensitive to smells in lipstick, you might not really like it.

Detailed review

Romantic Liar Mousse Tint – Shade 01 (Apple)

This colour is named after Apple, and I do think it lives up to its name! The colour, when applied to lips, do look like candy apple red! I think this is a colour that would looks nice on most skin tones, as it is more of a pure red, rather than red with other undertones.
The colour payoff is really good as well! My lips colour is on the darker side, and I think it did a great job in covering the original lip colour!

The lipstick glides on to the lips easily and it is really easy to spread out.
It feels light and not heavy on the lips as well.
It doesn’t feel sticky too!
Additionally, it does not accentuates the lip lines, which I think is great!

Longevity and Colour transfer:
Unfortunately, the colour do transfer. I tried to use a tissue to pat it several times, and unsurprisingly, the colour transfers every single time.
However, the colour that remains on the lips is still very vibrant!
The lip colour stains the lips as well! Hence, I think a eye & lips oil make-up remover would be required to remove the lip stain completely.

Romantic Liar Mousse Tint – Shade 05 (Fig)

This colour looks more like a wearable brownish red. Not too brown that it looks like you are poisoned, but slightly darker. I think it has a dark orange tone to it as well. I do like it and I think it’s quite wearable as well! You can dab on a bit and spread it out to give a more natural look, and that would go well with a natural make-up as well!
It looks like it is very suitable for autumn (although singapore only has 1 weather T_T)

The texture is similar to what I have described as above:
Glides on and spreads out easily
Light and non-sticky
Doesn’t accentuate the lip lines

Longevity and Colour transfer:
Similar to what was described previously,
The colour do transfer, but the colour still remains vibrant on the lip
Colour stains the lips

Mood Liar Velvet Tint – Shade 05 (Plum)

This colour is labelled as plum, which I think is quite similar to how I would imagine the colour to be. It has a purple undertone to it.
I am not a very big fan of lipstick with purple undertone to it, but I think

The texture of mood liar velvet tint is slightly more glossy and vibrant as compared to the romantic liar mousse tint, which appears softer.
Regardless, it is still easy to apply, and glides on easily.
It doesn’t feel as light as romantic liar mousse tint, but it doesn’t feel heavy nor sticky. Overall, it is still decent!

Longevity and Colour transfer:
Similarly, the colour transfers, but the initial colour on the lips stays on pretty well.
However, this colour was the hardest to remove. Possibly because it has purple undertone, and such colour usually stains on the lips / skin very well.

Glitter Zone #Shower [Liquid]

First Impression (& only impression)

This picture shows the swatches of the respective colours.
I bought #05 Snow Pearl Shower and #06 Gold Opal Shower, with the intention to use it as undereye highlights.

When I googled for the images, this was what I got, and I thought it would be a rather pigmented liquid glitter eyeshadow style, where you can apply on the eyelids itself, or undereyes.

glitter zone #shower

However, if you look at the swatches above, I am very disappointed with it!
Colour Payoff:
The colours do look like what it should be.
However, the glitter is just too sparse. For me to get that amount of glitter in the swatch, I had to dip into the pot several times. Additionally, it was rather hard to get an even distribution of the glitter.
These. They smell like GLUE. Can you imagine it? They smell exactly like glue. And that is the main reason why I never tried putting them on my eyes, cause it smells so toxic that I would never want to put it near my eyes?

Overall, this eye product was a really bad purchase. I would not recommend you getting it, at all!


Item(s)Original PriceDiscounted Price
Lilybyred Glitter Zone Shower 05 Show Pearl Shower 3.4g (615191)$19.90$13.90
Lilybyred Glitter Zone Shower 06 Gold Opal Shower 3.4g (615192)$19.90$13.90
Lilybyred Mood Liar Velvet Tint 05 Plum 4.2g (615167)$15.90$11.10
Lilybyred Romantic Liar Mousse Tint 05 3.9g (615625)$17.90$12.50
Lilybyred Romantic Liar Mousse Tint 01 3.9g (615621)$17.90$12.50

I think the price for the lipstick is pretty reasonable, given its colour payoff, longevity and texture.

Do give it a try if you are interested!

Although I don’t know when we can start wearing lipsticks out (everyone has to wear masks now right), but doesn’t hurt to buy and make yourself feel pretty at home and also happy! 😀


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