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Hey guys! It’s Kayden here back with another review. This time, I will be reviewing a new favourite of mine. Maison Francis Kurkdjian (MFK) Grand Soir.

Grand Soir was released along with Petit Matin as a duo back in 2016. The reason why they were released together dates back to ancient times. According to folklore, the transition between light and day that happens twice daily carries with it special magic. Hence, perfumer MFK is trying to capture the very essence of that magic with these 2 perfumes where Petit Matin means “Little Morning” and Grand Soir means “Big Evening”.

True enough, Grand Soir is the deeper and denser scent of the 2. According to Fragrantica, the notes are Spanish labdanum, Siam benzoin, amber, vanilla, and tonka bean. It is a fairly simple breakdown of notes and there seems to be no clear note pyramid stated.


On first sniff, the unmistakably robust and lush amber will come right at you, filling every nook and cranny of your nostril. It is definitely sweet as expected from tonka bean, vanilla, labdanum and amber present in the notes. Yet, MFK managed to magically tone down its sweetness, making it perfect for even cooler summer days.

As the fragrance develops, you can’t help but notice a smoky quality about it, possibly due to the Benzoin which can give off an incense-y smell. However, the incense is very light which adds a layer of deepness and maturity to this fragrance yet not turning non-incense lovers away.

This is pretty much it for the scent’s development. To summarise, it starts off with a smooth and robust amber and within 15 minutes, a tinge of smoky quality starts to surface. Nevertheless, this linearity may very well be a strength for this fragrance. After all, it is so remarkably luxurious smelling and MFK managed to lock that amber goodness in place from start to end.

Longevity & Projection:

Longevity is above average and projection is average. It can last for 8+ to 10 hours and projects for around an arm’s length. One notable mention about Grand Soir is that it has an incredible scent trail i.e. others around you will be able to smell your scent if they were walking behind you.

One pro tip when using this fragrance is to spray your clothes. Since the scent will be staying fairly linear, it does not really need to be in contact with your skin. Hence, spraying on clothes can increase its longevity to be good 10+ hours.

Seasons & Occasions:

This fragrance can be worn year-round, except during hot summer days. Occasions wise, this fragrance is suitable for date nights, going to the bar/club or even for formal dinners. However, I would avoid wearing Grand Soir to professional meetings as this exudes a more cozy vibe. This makes this fragrance reasonably versatile and worthy of your purchase.


If you already have fragrances for casual wear and school/work, I would highly recommend Grand Soir as your next purchase. After all, Grand Soir and L’air du Desert marocain are 2 of my favorite amber perfumes and everyone needs a perfect fragrance for dates and dinner events. Alternatively, check out MFK Bacarrat Rouge 540, another personal favorite of mine.


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