Crab at Bay Review

Hey guys! Its Kayden here back with another food review! I wonder how is everyone coping during this Circuit Breaker period. Boring? Nono, this just gives you more time to read YSK reviews 😉 Today, I will be reviewing this hidden gem in Taiseng, Crab at Bay.

During my visit, they were having a promotion, 2 500g Sri Lanka Crabs for $38 and apparently, this promotion is quite frequent there.

Ambiance of Crab at Bay:

Very typical air-conditioned Chinese zhi char restaurant. If you have eaten seafood in Malaysia Chinese operated restaurants, it is the exact same kind of environment. No fanciful decoration nor exceptional service, just a few paintings hung on the white wall.


Garlic steamed clams

The garlic steamed clams were so so good! Firstly, the clams were fresh and plump! Next, the sauce was super fragrant and savoury with generous portions of fried garlic added. However, for those who prefer a light flavor, this dish may prove to be a tad too salty. The portion of this dish was generous but it did come at a hefty price tag of $25, which is considered expensive for clams. In my opinion, this portion is for 3-4 people to share.

Sambal Kang Kong

Next up is the sambal kang kong, a classic for many Singaporeans. It was decent but I found the spiciness to be lacking. This resulted in the saltiness and spiciness level going out of balance.

Same with the clams, the small portion seemed like it is for 3 people sharing. Ice and I struggled to finish it even though it was our favourite vegetable dish.

Singapore chiili crab

The star of the show, 2 Sri Lankan Crabs @ $38! There were a variety of preparation methods to choose from, namely chilli, black pepper, braised bee hoon, butter, salted egg and the list goes on. As a true blue Singaporean, of course I had to go with the chilli crab hehe! Do note that if you only order 2 crabs, you can only choose one preparation method which was a pity.

One point of note is that

Plump and juicy crab meat

Crabs were fresh, juicy and the meat inside was in generous portions as well. Just take a look at the picture above to understand what I mean.

Fried buns with chilli crab sauce

The fried man tou (buns) did not come together with the chilli crab. You had to purchase it separately but let me tell you, it is worth every penny if you are ordering chilli crab. The crispy and hot man tou and the chilli crab sauce were a match made in heaven! Try it!

Price: $$ / $$$

Overall rating: 4/5

Crab at Bay uses their crab promotion as a hook to draw you in. Once you enter, you will realize that the crab promotion is the only cheap dish there. Their dishes are of very large portions(3-4 persons) and hence the above average / high prices. If you are thinking about where to visit for a group gathering, I would highly recommend this place. However, if you are visiting with just your partner, you may just want to order crab and one other dish.

Kayden signing out. Peace


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