Best Taiwan Night Market Food

Hi everyone, it’s Ice back here! Today I’m just going to introduce you to the food that I really like at these 2 different night markets. Of course, it’s not all the food I have eaten, but those that have made a great impression on my mind. Here is the list of the Best Taiwan Night Market Food!

Luodong Night Market

This night market is in Luodong, Yilan. So if you are there, you can head over! It’s really popular and I see quite a few blogs recommending this night market if you are in Yilan.

But beware… It’s also really really really crowded.

I think their 三星葱 (a kind of spring onion) is really famous, so a lot of their food consists of 三星葱. You should try them as they are really delicious and sweet as compared to normal spring onions.

I forget the exact name of this, but it’s a bun that is wrapped with 三星葱, then fried. What else to say, it sounds boring but it tastes delicious! There’s a store that is super famous I presume, that has a really long queue. We walked 1 round and decided to queue that, but was told that it’s sold out so we had to walk around more. I saw another stall selling this, but there wasn’t much of a queue, so we just tried anyways. and it was a good decision! It’s super moist and juicy, sweet 三星葱 wrapped in a crispy thin crust bun. Highly recommended!


This is another popular dish that you can see all around the market – pork wrapped with 三星葱. And it tastes really delicious with the thin slice of pork wrapped with the sweet 三星葱 and grilled. It’s a bit similar to those bacon-wrapped with asparagus or enoki mushroom kinda concept. It’s nice, but messy to eat (same for the 三星葱-bun), so be careful when you are eating.

There are a few stalls, so I would say walk around and spot which one has a bit of queue to get it. We got this from a stall that has quite a lot of ppl waiting for the uncle to cook it. While waiting, the uncle keeps boasting about how he has mastered the skill of grilling pork, and so his one is really good etcetc~

Lehua Night Market

This is a less popular and well-known night market (I think?), but it has a good variety of night market food as well! Also, the area is more spacious and has lesser people compared to the well-known ones, so more comfortable to walk in and eat your food~

Taiwan night market angel cutlet

天使鸡扒 – Angel Chicken Cutlet

I bought this to try cause I saw a youtube video recommending this at Le Hua night market and I really love 鸡扒~ There was a queue, but it was moving relatively fast, so not much of a problem. This was amazinggggg. The chicken was huge and THICK (usually 鸡扒 are mostly big and flattened, but this is really thick (like you have to open your mouth big to bite on to it). And this chicken is super juicy and well-flavoured, the skin is really crispy too! Highly recommend you get this if you like 鸡扒 as well.

taiwan night market happy qq balls

快乐QQ球 – Happy QQ balls

Again, I bought this after seeing people recommend it on Youtube videos! And also because I saw that these potato balls are hollow, and not those that are filled with mashed up sweet potatoes (which I don’t like). These are amazing!!!! There are really crispy, and is a bit QQ (chewy), but not super chewy. I’m so craving for these right now~ It’s very different from sweet potato fries in case you think they are the same. If you are in Lehua night market, you should try this! I think there are a few stalls that sell these QQ balls, but I tried this stall and it was pretty good!


That’s all for this week’s review! These are the very best Taiwan night market food that I love and I hope you will enjoy them too!


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