Gyoza No Ohsho

Hi guys! Kayden here back with another review. Today, I am going to review Gyoza No Ohsho, a well-known gyoza eatery near Somerset known for their cheap and delicious gyoza.

Signature menu at gyoza no ohsho


Pretty bad. Situated right next to the entrance of the Cuppage plaza, air conditioning is almost non-existent as the doors are constantly opening and closing. The number of seats is very limited, which can perhaps only allow less than 20 people to dine in at one time.

To be honest, the choice of chairs (plastic chairs with no back rest) and fans (those seen in old coffeeshops) is indicative of a really affordable restaurant but their prices beg to differ.


Ice and I each ordered a set which came with either garlic fried rice/ tenshinhan + soup+ 6 pcs gyoza for $14.


Gyoza at gyoza no ohsho

The gyoza skin was pan fried to perfection, the thickness was just right and easy to bite off. On the other hand, the filling inside was a disappointment. The pork was not dense at all, breaking apart immediately after the skin was torn. Overall, the gyoza is pretty average which we felt was a shame.

Tenshinhan (Crab meat and egg with thickened sauce on rice)


Smooth egg and soft crab meat seemed to be the perfect combo and we were enjoying every mouth of it at the beginning. However, as we ate on, we started to feel jelak (cloying) as the seasoning was on the heavier side.

Overall, we would give it an average score as it started off great but failed midway.

Fried rice (Chicken/Pork/Prawn with garlic)

Garlic fried rice with chicken

Rice formed small clumps and lacking the most important aspect of garlic fried rice. The Fragrance.

We ordered the chicken variation but the chicken was pretty much non-existent. They came in such small chunks that we had to look carefully to find a few pieces.

Overall, a disappointing dish that was lacking ingredients and tasted a tad too salty.


The service here is similar to any neighborhood restaurant, nothing to rant or rave about. Our orders were taken promptly and ya, that’s about it.


Gyoza no Ohsho turns out to be a very average restaurant. To be honest, food here turns out to be not cheap except for a select few such as their gyoza. Their ramen prices are comparable to the likes of Keisuke / Kanshoku Ramen which I would not call cheap but rather, affordable.

Price – $$

Overall rating – 3/5

#01-10 Koek Rd

Cuppage Plaza

Singapore 228796

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday (10am- 1.30am), Sunday (12pm – 1.30am)


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