Tokyo Shokudo

Hi guys! Kayden here, back with another review. Today, I will be reviewing this award-winning Tokyo Shokudo located in Tampines Mall.

Update: Tokyo Shokudo is now halal-certified!


Typical affordable restaurant setting. Nothing stood out particularly.


Chicken Cha Shu Tom Yum Ramen $10.90

chicken cha shu tom yum ramen

Simply put, $10.90 for a bowl of Tom Yum Ban Mian (Handmade noodles) with the minced meat replaced with Cha Shu.

Chicken cha chu tasted okay but can be more tender. The egg, however, failed terribly. It is definitely not an Ajitsuke Tamago (ramen egg) but more of 90% cooked hard-boiled egg ><“

Signature Tendon

signature tendon at tokyo shokudo

The quality of ingredients used can definitely be improved, especially the prawns which tasted soggy. The amount of sauce given was insufficient as well which caused the rice to be pretty dry. A very average bowl of tendon.


Again, typical mall restaurant service with no noteworthy point which is pretty disappointing for a restaurant helmed by an award-winning chef.


The hard truth is, the award-winning chef will not be there to cook for you. Hence, whether or not a restaurant is opened by an award-winning chef doesn’t matter unless he/she is the current chef there.

In conclusion, this restaurant is not worth it at all. These are the tendon restaurants that I recommend.

Price – $$

Overall rating – 1.5/5

Tampines Mall, #04-02

Singapore 529510


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