Flipper’s Pancakes

When Flipper’s Singapore open in Takashimaya in November, I keep seeing posts raving about their souffle pancakes.

Flipper’s pancakes from Japan has opened several branches worldwide and is known for their fluffy pancakes that have a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

I have always been interested in trying out, but every time I pass by it, there is always a long queue outside it. Hence, it is only until now that I have tried it.

Flipper’s Singapore

Flipper’s is one of the more renowned soufflé pancake chains in Japan, and is known for its fluffy and pillow-soft pancakes, made from Kanagawa Hinata eggs, milk and other ingredients that are all imported from Japan.

Interestingly, their pancakes are to be eaten with 2 forks!

Ambience at Flipper’s Singapore

The cafe has a really bright and lively decor, with white, yellow and green being its main colours.

This bright and cheerful decor makes it a really nice place to gather with a small group of friends and have a great talk over some delicious pancakes.

Flipper’s Pancakes

Between 3 of us, we ordered 2 Kiseki pancakes to share – Hazelnut Chocolate & Fresh Fruits. Both are priced at SGD21.80.

To be honest, I don’t fancy most Soufflé pancakes as they tend to have a strong egg smell. Nevertheless, I do love its texture and have always been trying out different soufflé pancakes in Singapore.

However, Flipper’s pancakes only have a very faint smell and taste, which is just right to me. I think it is definitely one of the better ones I have had in Singapore!

Other than the light egg smell, the soufflé pancakes is very light. I wouldn’t say it is fluffy, cause it is slightly on the wet side. However, the pancake has a very soft and slightly dense texture to it, which kinds of melt in the mouth.

The pancake kinds of reminds me of marshmallows – without the bounciness, but with a slight egg taste and very slight sweetness to it.

Hazelnut Chocolate Pancakes

hazelnut chocolate

The hazelnut chocolate pancakes come with a stack of 3 soufflé pancakes, paired with chocolate cream, hazelnut cream and a caramelised banana.

The chocolate cream is slightly on the bitter side, more of a dark chocolate cream. However, the hazelnut cream is very nutty and fragrant. When eaten together, the sweetness pairs well with the bitterness, making a great combination with the pancakes.

The caramelised banana is basically a banana with sugar on it being torched nicely, giving it a caramelised fragrance. The crispy caramelised sugar adds to the sweetness of the banana and gives it an additional crunchy texture.

Fresh Fruits Pancakes

fresh fruits

The fresh fruit pancakes basically came with the same stack of 3 souffle pancakes. On top of the pancakes are strawberries, blueberries and banana, paired with light fresh cream!

The fruits are fresh and sweet, the cream is light and pairs well with the pancakes and fruits. However, this dish definitely did not impress me and I think you can probably try other more interesting combinations they have.


We also ordered the drinks, but they were not very impressive. So i think it would be better to spend the money on their signature pancakes 🙂


They do have really good service at Flipper’s and all their servers are really cheerful and friendly, ready to assist and help any time!

Price – $$
Overall Rating – 3.5/5

Address: 391A Orchard Rd, #B1-56 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 2388
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm, daily
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/flippers.singapore/


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