Don Don Donki’s Make Up Sponge vs Beauty Blender

Hi Everyone! It’s ICE here with my first post on makeup products, in particular, make-up sponge!

Don Don Donki’s Make-Up Sponge$4.90

Today I am going to introduce to you the Kiss New York Professional Make-Up Sponge, which costs only $4.90 at Don Don Donki!!! I am going to refer to this as “D” make-up sponge. Additionally, I am going to compare it with my Beauty Blender (BB) ($32 at Sephora)! That’s about 6.5x cheaper!

donki's make up sponge

In this comparison, I have chosen the teardrop make-up sponge for D, which is similar in shape to BB, to make a better comparison. They do have other shapes available in the store.

Comparison (Dry Make-Up Sponge)

Dry make up sponge comparison
As you can see from the picture above, D make up sponge is bigger as compared to BB. This is the original size, before wetting them.

Comparison (Wet Make-up Sponge)

wet make up sponge
When wet, both D and BB feels hard and tougher to squeeze them.
After wetting, D did feel softer, but still quite tough and slightly harder to squeeze as compared to BB.
And of course, D is still bigger than BB after wetting and expanding.

Comparison (Foundation)

estee lauder foundation

In this review, I am going to use Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Liquid Foundation to test out both the Don Don Donki’s Kiss New York Professional Make-Up Sponge (D) and Beauty Blender (BB)

foundation comparison using donki's  vs BB make up sponge
BB seems to be better at covering flaws as compared to D.
Despite the better coverage offered by BB, the make up looks natural, and has a subtle glow to it.
D offers sufficient coverage, and has a similar natural make up effect, just like BB. It helps a lot in filling up the pores as well!

(Summary in Use, Feel, and Make-Up)


Bigger in surface area
(+) Able to bring the foundation over the entire face quickly, and evenly

(-) It is harder, and hence is unable to squeeze to smaller surface area to bring foundation to more specific areas such as around the nose. As such, the make up is not blended properly at these areas, resulting in a slightly more cakey look at those areas.

Make-Up Effect
(+) Slightly more natural make-up effect.
(+) Bring about a slight glow to the face despite using a foundation that is slightly more matte
(+) Coverage is decent – approximately 60-70%


Smaller in surface area
(-) Takes longer to bring the foundation over the entire face, as compared to D
(+) Able to get into smaller and more specific areas, such as around the nose and eyes

(+) Being softer allows it to be squeezed into any weird shape that allows me to bring the foundation to any specific areas properly.

Make-Up Effect
(+) Offers a more natural make-up effect, where the foundation blends into the skin nicely, with a subtle glow to that
(+) Coverage is great at 70-80%

Final Thoughts on Donki’s Make-up Sponge

With its price at $4.90, I think D did a really great job as a makeup sponge. It offers a great natural make-up effect and decent coverage. Despite having little flaws here and there as compared to BB, I think it is really worth its price and is a good substitute for BB if you have budget constraints!


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