Whoops by Soulless Patisserie

Hi everyone! Before I start the review on this really awesome and cozy cafe that offers great french desserts (Whoops by Soulless Patisserie), I just want to remind all of you to be extra careful when you go around hunting for desserts amidst this wuhan virus outbreak thing. 🙂 Remember to wash hands and sanitize your hands before eating!

Whoops by Soulless Patisserie.

I chanced upon the facebook video post introducing Whoops new opening and their really pretty desserts just a few days before going to JB, and told Kayden that I want to try that out! So, we went for it! We didn’t make the wrong choice!

Ambience of Whoops

I love the vibe of the little cafe tuck in the corner of a quiet street. I love how it is so well lit and bright. Also, the pink and white combination of the cafe, coupled with dried flowers makes it really sweet and cozy to have your dessert in.

We went there in the afternoon on a Friday, and it was quiet and cozy even though there were quite a few other customers. It’s a really nice place to sit in, have a cup of drink and a cake to go along with the little catch-ups with your friends and family.


They have a wide selection of desserts, and they are all displayed nicely. The cakes are definitely pleasing to the eyes, and it makes you want to get more than 1.

Desserts they offered
This is the selection they have on the day I went.

The staff was nice enough to go through the main points of every cake displayed, the general taste and recommended accordingly if we are looking for something interesting, or something ‘safe’.

We got 3 cakes in the end (Kayden wanted 2 cakes initially, but I couldn’t make up my mind, so… heh) – no regrets though!

Itmes we ordered
These are the cakes and drink we got in the end.
(Top left) Grateful
(Bottom left) Blueberry Light Cheese
(Bottom right) Rose Litchi with Raspberry
Drink – Iced Mocha


Blueberry Light Cheese

Rose Litchi with Raspberry

Service at Whoops

They provide a really good service. The staff went through each and every dessert displayed, mentioning the general taste and point of each dessert. They also make recommendations based on your taste preference and if you are into an interesting dessert or something that is safer and more common. I appreciate this a lot as it really helped us narrow down our options (although we still ordered 3 desserts for 2 people).

Price: $$

If you are Singaporean, entering JB to have a short getaway, I think the price point is reasonably priced at approximately RM 16-19 (SGD5-7). It might be slightly small for its price, but I think a lot of effort and hard work went in to it, and the taste and appearance do justify its price point.

On the other hand, I am not too sure if this is the standard price for cakes for Malaysians, but if you happen to want to indulge in some beautiful and tasty cakes once in awhile, you can definitely visit this place.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Psst. We did a short video on the food places we went to in JB (featuring this place as well!)

Check out the link here!

Whoops by Soulless Patisserie

Address: No 1,Jalan Kuning 1,Taman Pelangi,Johor Bahru

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 2pm-11pm (Tue Off); Sat & Sun: 12pm-12am


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