Fusion Dumplings – Interesting Russian Cuisine

Fusion Dumplings – by Angmoh Dumplings


Fusion Dumplings offer a quiet and cosy place for people to gather around and catch-up on each other life, along with some drinks and decent food.


Fusion Dumplings – Oriental 8ights (Chicken + Shrimp) – SGD9.50
Oriental 8ights

This dish was recommended to us to have it deep-fried and topped with cheddar cheese. It was sooo good. It is similar to Chinese dumplings, that’s slightly pan-fried. The skin was on the thick side, slightly chewy and crispy.
The chicken and shrimp filling was really juicy and flavourful as well.
Overall, this was a good order.

Ukrainian Borsh Soup – SGD8.50
Borsch Soup

This is a tomato and cabbage soup with some pork in it. This soup is pretty decent. It is a good mix of sweetness and tanginess, making it a great soup to accompany other hearty food that’s being served.

Stuffed Crepes with Chicken – SGD7
Stuffed chicken crepe

This was 1 dish I didn’t really enjoy, unfortunately.
The crepe is really good though, it’s soft and fragrant, with a slight sweetness to it. However, the meat filling here was not to my liking, and it was very mashed up. I was expecting minced meat, with a bite to it. However, the meat tasted as if it was blended and mashed up so much that, there was no much texture to it. Hence, it was soft crepe, with blended/mashed up meat, which, unfortunately, has no layers in the texture and flavours. I would recommend getting the plain crepes though!

Rosti – SGD8
Rosti with spring onions sprinkled on top

Finally, the rosti was our favourite. We ordered this dish twice!
If you never had rosti before, you must try it. It is one of my favourite style of cooking potatoes. This rosti is really crispy on the outside, hot and soft on the inside, but with a texture to it. Drenching the rosti with their sour cream sauce makes it even more perfect, and also reduce the greasiness of the rosti.

Service at Fusion Dumplings

The service was really good! Fusion Dumplings is a small and cosy restaurant and the staff/boss was really attentive to our needs as well. He was ready to order, and ready to recommend different dishes, and not pushy as well. I really appreciate it:)

Price – $$

Overall rating – 3.5/5

This place was recommended by my friend’s brother-in-law, who is a Russian. I never had Russian cuisine before, but I have to say this is quite a nice experience. I am more open to trying out Russian food after trying this place. However, I have not seen much Russian food around in Singapore. So, if you are interested, do give this place a visit!

Fusion Dumplings
Address – 32 Maxwell Road, (Tanjong Pagar MRT, exit B) Maxwell Chabmers #01-05 Singapore 069115
Opening hours – (Mon-Fri) 7:30am-9pm (Sat) 11am-5pm (Sun) Varies


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