Dal-In 2 Korean Charcoal BBQ

Hi Everyone~ It’s ICE back again with her favourite Korean food! Kayden and I chanced upon Dal-In 2 Korean Charcoal BBQ by accident. We were intending to go to birds of a feather, but suddenly changed our mind when we saw this Korean restaurant located right opposite birds of a feather.

Little did we know, this is a hidden gem! 😀

Since it was more for brunch, we ate ala carte instead of the BBQ.


Side Dishes

korean side dishes

Here are the side dishes that were given to us. I think it’s pretty normal, not fantastic~

Steamed Egg

korean steamed egg

And they gave us this free steamed egg as well. This is pretty good! The steamed egg was silky and fluffy~ But we couldn’t finish it cause it’s such a hugeeee bowl!

Beef Stew


I ordered this beef stew cause it looks pretty similar to my favourite one in Korea, Sinchon, which I really missed!!! (click here to view my review on that) This is pretty good as well! It’s really flavourful and full of beef and glass noodles soaked in that essence of the beef soup. I think it’s really comparable to the one in Korea, Sinchon. Do try this out if you are here! Even Kayden agreed that this is pretty good.

Pork Kimchi Stew

dal-in 2 korean bbq Pork kimchi stew

Kayden ordered the pork kimchi stew. According to Kayden, the soup was ‘kimchi-ish‘, ‘It had the flavours it is supposed to have but on a slightly lighter side’ but the pork given was pretty little.

Kimchi Pancake

dal-in 2 korean bbq kimchi pancake

We ordered this kimchi pancake as well (after I keep pestering Kayden hehe) and it’s the best decision ever! The kimchi pancake here is really yummy! I like that the pancake is pan-fried such that the ‘crust’ is really crispy, and the inside is still soft and moist. The kimchi is especially nice too! I like that it’s not too sour nor spicy, just the right taste in a kimchi pancake.

The sauce given together is more on the sourish side, which I think is great as it gives a refreshing taste to the pancake, and also makes me want to eat more and more~ (but Kayden prefers to have the pancake without the sauce as he doesn’t like the sour taste – but it’s still really nice without the sauce!) I didn’t have a lot of kimchi pancakes before, but this is the best I ever had. So if you are there, do try this out!


Yup, that’s pretty much what we have tried at Dal-in 2 Korean BBQ. We are actually quite tempted to go back and try other food if we are in the area. It’s actually just walking distance from Telok Ayer MRT if you guys are intending to try it out!

If you enjoy eating Korean food, you might also want to check out Chi-Bing, a restaurant located in Star Vista~ That’s all for today’s review!


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