Jalan Tua Kong Ah Lim Mee Pok

Hey guys! It’s Kayden here, and I’m finally back from Korea! Weee!! Omgosh, I really miss Singapore’s food and that’s why today, I’ll be reviewing one of my old-school favourites! Jalan Tua Kong Ah Lim Mee Pok Kway Teow Mee! (It used to be a thing if you’re able to say it out real fast >.<)


Mee Pok Tah (Dry) $4.50

jalan tua kong ah lim mee pok

This is the smaller-sized version! They also have the medium ($5.50) and large ($6.50), but I would highly recommend the small one. Just like many other noodle hawker stalls, once you order the larger size one, the proportion of noodles to sauce becomes unbalanced. Either it is too dry or too much sauce, mostly the former.

I love the Mee Pok here because of the generous portions of ingredients, especially the minced meat. The sauce is nicely done as well, albeit on the oilier side which I prefer. Take note that sometimes the sauce can get a little salty as well. Hence, I would only recommend this if you are someone who enjoys more 重口味 (stronger flavours) food.

Don’t Go To The Wrong Stall

I highly recommend this stall which is just opposite Selegie soya bean. There is another similar one just nearby with a white signboard which I find not as good as this one.

There’s also one shop call Ah Lim Mee Pok. So don’t get confused. I personally haven’t tried that stall but it just turns me off seeing a traditional Mee Pok stall selling Zhi Char dishes and adding in abalone in Mee Pok …


The standard of the noodles here has remained largely consistent throughout the past 10 years which is quite impressive. Other than the fact that the location is a little convenient, I think I will visit much more often for their Mee Pok, and you should too!

That’s it for today’s review on Jalan Tua Kong Ah Lim Mee Pok! Kayden signing off. ☮️


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