Perfect Diary Collector Eyeshadows

Hi everyone, it’s Ice back again with another make-up review, and this time it is on Perfect Diary Collector Eyeshadows!

I think Perfect Diary eyeshadows shouldn’t sound foreign to most of you. Appearing in lots of China short clips, they are known for their eyeshadow palette, such as the explorer collection. Those eyeshadow palettes have beautiful casings and an amazing mix of colours in the palette.

However, I didn’t get their eyeshadow palette this time.

Instead, I got their Collector eyeshadows, which are basically single eyeshadow colours. I think these are great additions if you already have lots of other eyeshadow palettes, and would like to just add a few colours that look nice and interesting to you!

Perfect Diary Collector Eyeshadow

The collector eyeshadow comes in small, pocket-sized plastic casings, that looks pretty sleek and nice. Definitely doesn’t look have those cheap plastic feels like many other drugstore brands.

I got these eyeshadows from their Taobao flagship store directly at RMB15 (U.P.RMB30), which is about SGD3 (excluding shipping fees). I must say they are definitely worth its price!

I just checked their Shopee store, and you can get them at SGD9, and get 15% off every 3 pieces.


I bought 2 different style of colours, D02 and R07. They are under different series and portray a completely different vibe.

Perfect Diary Collector Eyeshadow – D02

Perfect Diary D series features eyeshadows with glitter flakes, which is great for giving your eye make-up that pop of look!

This colour, when swatched, feels really soft, with very loose powders. It has very loose big glitters and took a few swatches to get the intensity I have in the swatch above.

D02 features a purplish-pink-silver large loose glitter, with large heart-shaped flakes that come out together easily if you apply with your hand. However, if you use a brush, you will only pick up the loose glitters. The metallic purplish glitter is very high profile and gives your entire make-up a strong character! I think this will be great for some party time!~

Perfect Diary Collector Eyeshadow – R07 Have fun

Perfect Diary R series features eyeshadows with slight colour glimmer, and doesn’t pop as loudly as the D series, but definitely looks beautiful under different lighting. It is great as a main eyeshadow colour on your eyelid.

This colour, on the other hand, does not feel as soft as D02 when swatched. The colour is definitely more tightly pressed into the container and does not have as much loose powder. However, you still have to tap any excess loose powder after taking it up with a brush, to prevent them from dropping on your face.

R07 has different colours that in that mosaic pressed look, and thus when you swatch the colour, you can see different colours shining under different lighting. However, the main colour is still a sweet pink.

Also, because it is glitter, it will have a very nice shine under the light as well!

Hence, I recommend going this light through the entire lid. You can definitely pair it with other colours. Or, you can add more of the same colour at the outer corner for a more defined and layered look.

I think this colour is great for going on a date, as it looks really sweet and pretty!

Generally, I think the Perfect Diary collector shadows are quite worth their price, with great quality and beautiful colours!

They have many other different series, which feature different styles and vibes. I think you will definitely be able to find something that suits your style and preference. Do give it a try! 🙂


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