Walking on Sunshine

Hey guys! Kayden here back again with another awesome review! Today’s review is on the breakfast buffet offered by Walking on Sunshine salon!

Okay, this place is actually a hair/nail salon and also a cafe! It is quite Instagrammable and can be found easily on the third floor of orchard central! The place is quite pretty with all the plants and greenery but before you get all excited, let’s talk about the real stuff. The “buffet”.

This so-called ala carte “buffet” costs $15 nett! Think is a good deal? Think again. At my time of visit, May 2019 (Yes, they do change their items from time to time and I believe 2 more items have been added), you can only choose from 8 items and each item can only be chosen once… How is that a buffet??? Being a fussy eater myself, I can’t choose what I like to eat more than once?

So the items that were available are:

1) Eggs in hell

2) Bulgogi and mix bean salad

3) Ricotta cheese salad

4) Soup of the day

5) Korean style soup

6) American breakfast

7) Spicy pork panini

8) Beef bulgogi panini

Of course, there are more items such as drinks and desserts but these 8 were the only ones on the “buffet”

Eggs In Hell

walking on sunshine eggs in hell

Taste not bad, like pretty average. It’s like a savoury tomato base with an egg cracked on top of it.

One thing you don’t see me review often is brunch. I haven’t found one that blew me away and most of the menu for brunch is the same and taste average? Mostly nothing special.

Spicy Pork Panini

spicy pork panini

Basically, just toast with cheese and some spicy pork in between. Not very nice, spicy and bread doesn’t go well together…

Coconut smoothie coffee $8

coconut smoothie coffee

This is actually very good! The coconut and the coffee blend quite well together. But is it worth $8? Noooooooo. I will never acknowledge a drink is worth $8 (alcohol excluded). I only buy such expensive stuff when I need a place to study or for you guys :’) For something that tastes similar, try this drink, Coffee Nagoya (~$4) at Fruce in Wisma atria basement 1!!

Some people may say, hey Kayden, aren’t you asking too much. $15 is the cost of eggs in hell in a normal cafe already! True that but why market it as a buffet when it is not? Not to mention their eggs in hell taste pretty normal.

All in all, I don’t think I will ever visit Walking on Sunshine again because of the marketing and the quality of the dishes it serves. It can be a value-for-money meal but I rather eat something I think is good.

That’s it for today. Kayden signing out. ☮️


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