[Closed] Casa Verde

Hi guys! Kayden here again for your weekly dose of YSK. Today, I’ll be reviewing a restaurant name Casa Verde which means greenhouse in Spanish.

It is located in the Botanic Gardens and apparently, there’s a shuttle bus service directly to where this restaurant is located. Anyway, we took MRT and alighted at botanic gardens before taking a stroll in. It is a great way to get closer to mother nature and breathe in some fresh air.


Sfilatino Casa Verde $24

Sfilatino Casa Verde

This is their house specialty, and it really lives up to the name, it’s really good! Honey baked ham + mozzarella cheese + mushroom combo gosh! Just take my money. This is actually quite a big portion for just 2 people, so if you and your friend/partner are not big eaters, I would highly suggest not ordering another main.



Honestly, I can’t remember what this drink is called and it can’t be found on the website either. The drinks menu constantly changes, so how it works is that the waiter there will serve you the drinks menu after you are seated. I’m no big fan of alcohol but this one is good! Not too strong with a good amount of lemon flavor.

Lobster angel hair pasta $35

casa verde lobster angel hair pasta

This one has been discontinued already, as I can’t find it on the menu anymore. However, do not fret because it honestly disappointed me and Ice. We always wanted to try angel hair pasta after hearing how springy and Q it is but meh… It was so-so only to be honest. Only the lobster was quite decent, not worth the price IMO.

That’s all for today’s review. Kayden signing off, peace.


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