Wursthans Switzerland – Affordable and Decent Rosti!

Ever since I first came across rösti in a brunch cafe, I fell in love with it! The crispy outer skin, the texture of shredded potatoes and the salty and peppery seasoning~ Ahh~ So perfect~~ (I am salivating at the thought of this already!) Hence, when I saw Wursthans Switzerland at Paya Lebar Quarter, I was determined to try it!

Wursthans Switzerland

“Wursthans”, according to them, is a German wordplay. “Wurst” refers to sausage and “Hans” is commonly used as a German first name. As such, they believe that by combining the two words together, it refers to “sausage expert”! Isn’t that interesting?

Ambience at Wursthans Switzerland

So, Wursthans Switzerland is a casual dining restaurant, where everything is self-service! You order at the ordering kiosk and can pay via card at the kiosk too! When it’s your number, you can collect your food from the counter!

The place gives off a rather relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I feel like it might be a good place to hang out and catch up with your friends!

Food at Wursthans Switzerland

They offer a good variety of food, ranging from salad to rösti, to sandwich and even cheese fondue! They also have a good Rotisserie chicken, which looks delicious from the menu! If you are not interested in those, you can even make your own meal by choosing 1 main, 2 sides and 1 sauce from their huge variety of options!

Since we were there specifically for rosti, I will only be able to rate their rösti! Nevertheless, if you are nearby I think you can give this restaurant a try! They have pretty high google review (a solid 4.4star!!)

I must note that their portions are HUGE and you definitely cannot finish 1 of this by yourself (unless you are really hungry or you are a big eater!) It would be good to get a few different styles are share it with your friends!

Classic Rösti (Upgrade to Truffle rösti)

We ordered the classic rösti, and decided to add $1.50 to upgrade to Truffle rösti! The classic one comes with a nicely fried rösti and house-made sour cream on the side!

When this came, we could smell the truffle fragrance immediately and it smell so earthy and good! However, it was rather disappointing as there wasn’t much truffle taste to it as much as we could smell it initially.

Another thing to note that is the rösti here is slightly less compact and less crispy. I personally prefer my rösti outer layer to be fried to be really crispy, and the shredded to be more compact for a better texture when bitten into it. Nevertheless, the flavours of the rösti is great! The sour cream did a great job in balancing out the starchy flavours of the potatoes as well!

Eiger Rösti

We also ordered another rösti, which comes with smoked pork belly and creamy sauté mushrooms!

Similar to the classic rösti, the rösti here is less compact and less crispy. It is just my personal preference that I like crispy ones more!

The smoked pork belly that comes with it is a really huge slab of meat! The meat has more bite to it, and is really flavourful. Take a small bite of it, and you can taste the smoky and savoury taste of the pork. As it is tougher, it has more bite to it and as you chew, it becomes more and more flavourful. Do take note that it might be too salty, and it would be great to have some rösti with it!

The creamy sauté mushrooms is pretty decent. The sauce is creamy, but not too overpowering and you can still taste the earthiness of the mushrooms. I think they go really well with the rösti!


I would not be able to rate their service much as it is pretty much self-service. But I must say the ordering process was pretty quick and easy. I would say, it is decent for a self-service restaurant.

Price – $$
Overall Rating – 3/5

Address: 10 Paya Lebar Road, #01-39 Paya Lebar Quarter, 409057

Opening hours: 11:30am – 9pm Daily

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wursthans.sg/


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