Izy Fook Review

Hey guys! Kayden here back with another review! Today, I’ll be reviewing this restaurant + bar name Izy Fook.

Ice and I stumbled upon this place by accident but boy oh boy, this restaurant has quickly risen to the top few spots within our list.

Excited to find out more? Let’s hop into it.


Izy Fook has a very modern and sleek bar setting that is largely black. Inside the restaurant, there are several paintings of Japanese street art that fits in so perfectly with the whole environment, giving it a mafia hangout vibes.


Izy fook Wagyu Truffle Don
Wagyu Truffle Don $34

A very average tasting dish. Both Ice and I were expecting a lot from this dish given that it is the most expensive but we were disappointed. The large chunks of truffle provided no taste whatsoever even though it smelled heavenly. The wagyu beef was too thinly sliced so not much texture could be experienced which we felt was a waste.

Izy fook Superior Prawn Mee Pok
Superior Prawn Mee Pok $19

Star of that night. The superior stock proved to be so robust yet not too jelak. You can basically drink the stock as though it was a soup which is definitely unusual for mee pok. Prawns were big and fresh, with the shell on the bodies peeled while leaving the head untouched for aesthetic purposes. The Ajitsuke egg was done to the right level which is a nice touch given that many ramen establishments can’t nail it as nicely. Simply marvelous, a must-try.

Izy fook Steamed Clams In Dashi
Steamed Clams In Dashi $18

Another dish that was executed nicely! Clams were plump and juicy with very minimal traces of sand if any. The Dashi added a nice depth and umami to the flavor yet doesn’t overshadow the freshness of the clams themselves.

Izy fook Houjicha Catalana
Houjicha Catalana $10

This appearance of this dessert surprised us. Doesn’t this look exactly like roast pork if you overlook the strawberries? The top caramel layer gave it a slightly sweet taste with traces of roasted tea (hojicha) detected. The texture of the body is similar to ice cream, creamy, and soft while the top caramel layer was slightly coarser.


Wonderful service. Service crew there constantly refilled our water and asked us how the food tasted. Simply put, professional staff who was always serving with a smile.


Highly recommended if you are willing to splurge for dinner. I personally don’t recommend the wagyu truffle don but the rest is superb! They do serve alcohol as well which serves as the perfect location to chill and relax.

Price: $$$

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Address: 27 Club St, Singapore 069413

Opening hours: 12 pm – 2 pm / 5 pm – 10.30 pm (Tuesday – Saturdays)

Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer


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