Timbre Food Review

Hi guys, Kayden here! Today’s review will be on everyone’s favourite spot for food & music, Timbre!

For those who haven’t been to Timbre or planning to go Timbre and have no idea what food to order, this post is for you!!!

So recently I have been to Timbre a couple of times and tried out quite a variety of food there! So I will be giving my reviews on food listed down below!


Sunny side up & Philly cheese steak pizza

Sunny side up & Philly cheese steak pizza

The sunny side up is really good! The egg gives me the whole pizza a smoother texture! But this combination is not very good because both these pizzas give a very linear taste and not much complexity.

There was the other time I ordered the roast duck pizza and cheeseburger combo but I found it way too complex>.< And Ice doesn’t like the cheeseburger pizza! I like both though but I would suggest mixing a more ‘complex’ flavour with a ‘linear’ one for better satisfaction!

Cheeseburger and roast duck pizza

Cheeseburger and roast duck pizza

On a side note, do avoid the yakiniku chicken pizza. IMO it’s not very good >.<

Roast pork $15

Timbre roast pork

The roast pork here is very good! Not the best that I have tried but still very soft and juicy! Definitely not the tough and dry kind of pork… But hey, not everyone is willing to spend $15 on roast pork haha!

Lastly, I also tried the buffalo wings that are very very average actually nothing noteworthy about it… I would suggest the roast pork if you’re in for some light bites!

Buffalo Wings 6pcs

Timbre buffalo wings

That’s all for today’s review! Do check out our other food reviews here!


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