Taste Good 好味小厨

Hey guys! Today, I’ll be reviewing Taste Good eatery!

What comes to your mind when you visit Sim Lim Square? Cheap electronics right! So, when one is doing their shopping there and lunchtime is just around the corner, where to find nice and cheap food? That’s right, you can just head to level 2 of Sim Lim Square! Taste good got you all covered.

So apparently, they serve a huge variety of food! You can order your economic rice there or you can order their Zhi Char dishes which is what we did! Ice ordered the salted egg yolk chicken which is highly raved about and I ordered the cereal chicken!

Salted egg yolk chicken w egg $6.50

Taste Good's salted egg yolk chicken w egg

This did not disappoint! It is definitely one of the best salted egg yolk chicken in Singapore!

What do people look out for in salted egg yolk chicken? It can’t be too dry as it will be hard to swallow. The salted egg cannot be too diluted like the MacD fries LOL! And of course, the chicken itself must be fresh and tender! And this salted egg yolk chicken satisfies all of that 😉

Cereal Chicken w egg $6.50

Taste Good's Cereal Chicken w egg

Next, I ordered the cereal chicken to try as we didn’t want to order the same thing

But luckily, this is damn delicious as well!! At first glance, I was skeptical of it actually. Why is the cereal in like streaks, shouldn’t it be like the flaky kind? But tbh, this taste way better! It kind of retains some moisture so it’s not as dry and the flavour it offers is similar to the kind we are familiar with but with a slightly different texture! Definitely recommend trying if you are sick of the typical Zhi Char dishes.

One thing we think they can improve on is their eggs. Yucks, who like their egg yolk fully cooked…

All in all, I recommend this place if you are visiting Sim Lim Square!

That’s all for today’s review. Kayden signing out. Peace


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