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Hi guys! Kayden here! Today I’ll be reviewing on NamNam located inside Plaza Singapura.

A few months back, my partner, Ice, and I went to Plaza Singapura to do some shopping and before we knew it, it was already dinner time and it was raining super heavily. Being a picky eater, I had to decide what we should have for dinner.

“Oh no… I already spent so much this month… How can I afford the expensive food in Plaza Sing” This was my exact thoughts back then.

So we walked round and round and finally, I decided. Okay, how about we try Vietnamese food?

I have never tried Vietnamese food before this and I didn’t have high expectations for it as well><

So, Ice and I walked towards NamNam located at level 1 of plaza sing and looked at their menu. A few minutes later, we decided to try their Pho with Australian beef steak slices which cost $10.

Pho with Australian beef $10

I was quite surprised actually when I saw so many unfamiliar sauces that were on the table. It was not the usual soy sauce, vinegar, wasabi, tabasco etc. So, I went to try out all of them and some were actually pretty good!

After a short wait, our noodles came, and immediately I went to try the soup. To me, the most important thing, the soul of the noodle soup is the taste of the soup itself. Not the noodles, not the ingredients in it but the soup.


It wasn’t spectacular but it really gives you the feeling of home. It felt so good especially when it was raining that day. The beef slices were tender and not too thin which was out of my expectations as well. However, one area that needs improvement is the noodles. The noodles felt as if it existed as a separate entity on its own as we failed to detect any hint of the savory soup being integrated into it.

Soooooo, if you are broke like me and you want to eat at plaza sing or if you miss home, this is definitely the place to go to! The price is not super cheap but affordable considering it is at plaza sing.

Also, if you are feeling rich, you may want to try out the Pho Australia wagyu beef slices which cost $20!

Kayden signing off. Peace.


Address: 68 Orchard Rd, #01-55, Plaza, Singapore 238839

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut MRT


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