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Hi everyone! It’s Ice here again! Today I just went to have Korean stews for dinner. I’m sure stews are not unfamiliar to you guys, especially kimchi stew, tofu stew, pork stews etc.

So today, I decided to have stews, which I happened to see while walking past it. It’s in Sinchon and they sell all kinds of stew! and it’s open 24hours too:)

Sinchon korea stews

This is the place I went to. I don’t know how to read Korean, so here is how it looks like.

The address is Myeongmul-gil 36.

2018-07-22 21.15.45

I had the beef stew and my friend had the kimchi pork stew. It’s 8,000 won each.

The beef stew is really nice and full of beef! Like legit, the soup is full of beef slices that are marinated so well, and they are not hard nor dry too! The soup is so flavourful too! There are glass noodles inside too, which have soaked up the essence of the beef stew, making it really good to slurp it up.

I tried a mouth of my friend’s kimchi pork stew. The soup is full of flavour and not too spicy nor sour, definitely good to go with the rice!

They serve brown rice, which is pretty healthy, and lots of side dishes. the side dishes are pretty good too! They also have seaweed, which you can pour into your rice and mix it together to eat, which I did – and it’s really yummy!

If you want full, hearty and comforting food which is not too expensive, you can come here for Korean stews!

Also, if you are clubbing in the nearby Sinchon or Hongik area, you can come here afterwards to have a bowl of soup, which would be sooo comforting and nice.

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