Bedok Corner Hokkien Mee

Hey guys, Kayden here!! Long time no see! Today I’ll be reviewing the Bedok Corner Hokkien Mee

Major Update 18/5/2021:

The old stall owner is no longer the one cooking the Hokkien Mee when I last visited. There seems to be a lack of customers patronizing this new stall now, hence it might not be so good anymore. In addition, this stall is now Halal Certified.


Hokkien Mee $3

Bedok corner hokkien mee

As I have been staying in Bedok the whole of my life, I have tried this stall multiple times already when I was younger. However, I have always thought it was just a ‘not bad’ Hokkien Mee stall until this fateful day…

It’s my first time returning here after I started my food blog which is like one year plus? My tastebuds have changed after trying so much good food as well as more stalls of Hokkien Mee.

When I reached Bedok corner, it was around 6.20 pm and there was a short queue there (~6 people) and I waited for around 20mins to get my food (please be expected to wait around this timing even if you’re early like 5.30 pm. When I put the first mouth of noodles in my mouth I was mindblown! Woah! The flavour is actually going against what I know of hokkien mee!!

It’s not the typical Hokkien Mee with the heavy prawn broth but instead, the prawn broth is less thick and infused with this ‘fruity freshness’ which is equally good. The white noodles that are used are also less thick compared to other Hokkien Mee.

Lastly, the ingredients (prawns, squid) used are very normal.

In conclusion, this Hokkien Mee brings a new flavour to the table and I would definitely recommend it to people who are always looking to try new things and people who wish that Hokkien Mee has less prawn taste.

Okay, that’s all for today! Peace.


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