Fook Kin Review

Hey guys! Kayden here back with another review! Today, we shall turn our focus to this seemingly traditional restaurant selling roast meat, Fook Kin.

We actually found out about this place through a Taiwan tourist vlog and we decided to visit it and give our take on it.

Spoiler: The best is definitely not the roast meat but something else

Ambiance of Fook Kin :

Upon reaching Fook Kin, the entrance looked really old school with the 80s shophouses metal folding gates. Upon entering the place, we realized that there are indeed many retro-style cues found inside, such as the chairs and tables used.

However, we also found many modern hipster touches. From the graffiti drawings on the walls to the neon sign near the cashier, it seems like Fook Kin is a fusion of the past and the present. All in all, YSK really loved the vibes of this place.

Interior of fook kin

Food :

Let’s start off by talking about the famous roast meat, namely the roast pork and the char siew.

The char siew is not the typical kind you would find in Singapore. The meat is simply roasted on one side and the rest of it is unroasted. I’m assuming this is to retain the juiciness of the meat, as many stalls tend to over roast it and made the final char siew hard and dry.

However, I would say that Fook Kin fails to strike that balance as we felt that the char siew was on the fattier side and the outer layer didn’t seem to get roasted enough. Oh right, the char siew is on the sweeter spectrum but we had no issues with that.

The roast pork was a bigger disappointment. While I have to give it credit for the crunchy and crispy skin, it generally tasted a tad dry and hard. All in all, the roast pork tasted just slightly better than average.

The star of the show! Golden Lotus Roots Crisps!

The dish may look simple, but trust me, it is not. To achieve fried lotus root slices that are of the perfect thickness & crispiness is not easy. Too thin and it will lose that shiok-ness you get as there is just not enough bite to it. Too thick, well, it will just taste like the lotus in lotus soup.

It is extremely difficult is to create a salted egg yolk sauce that blends in so well with the lotus root slices. Every bite makes you want more, and before you know it, there’s nothing left!

Service :

Very typical restaurant service. Nothing really stands out as good or bad.


Fook Kin has done really well in its interior decoration, combining retro and modern touches almost flawlessly. However, the roast meat just doesn’t cut it.

What I would recommend is heading down and ordering a few bite snacks and enjoy a few bottles of beer on a Friday night! (Yes, they do sell several kinds of alcohol) (:

Price: $$

Overall rating: 3/5

Address: 111 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239553

Opening hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily


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