Dim Sum Haus Review

Hey guys! It’s Kayden here back with another review! How many of you are craving some affordable dim sum? All of you?

I knew it! That is why today, I will be reviewing this affordable dim sum place that is one of the best I have ever tried. Much better than Swee Choon to say the least.

Swee Choon has been way overhyped for what it is worth. Long queues and a noisy environment with so many subpar dishes. Aren’t you tired? Try Dim Sum Haus.

Ambiance of Dim Sum Haus :

A relatively small dim sum restaurant located near Jalan Besar MRT that is popular but definitely not overhyped.

The restaurant is air-conditioned but the environment is nothing to rave about, very similar to typical casual dim sum restaurants in Singapore.

Food :

dim sum haus steamed shrimp dumpling
Har Gao (Steamed shrimp dumpling) $5.40

A must-order dish at every dim sum restaurant IMO. The prawns used here are very fresh, and every bite comes with a crunch! The skin of the dumplings is of the right thickness, which comes to show the skills of the chef.

dim sum haus xiao long bao
Xiao Long Bao $4.70

The worst of the dishes I ordered. The meat inside was soggy and the skin felt shriveled up. This may be due to over-steaming which ties in perfectly with the meat being soggy as the heat can cause the meat to turn overly soft.

Steamed rice roll with shrimp (Chee Cheong Fun)
Chee Cheong Fun (Steamed rice roll with shrimp) $5

I actually have mixed feelings about this dish. I ordered this dish on 2 different occasions and on the first one, it surprised me how good it is! However, the second try proved me wrong as the skin felt a tad dry.

Don’t get me wrong though. The prawns were extremely fresh on both occasions. On the second occasion, even though the skin felt dry, it was still enjoyable after dressing the rice roll with the sauce a few times.

Egg tarts, baked salted egg custard bun and baked bbq pork pastry
Liu Sha Bao (Baked salted egg custard bun) $5.90
Baked Hong Kong egg tarts $4.40
Baked bbq pork pastry $5.60

To put it simply, all 3 are extremely good, with the egg tart being my favorite.

Liu Sha Bao (Baked salted egg custard bun)

The molten salted egg was rich and robust yet not too jelak. It is fluid enough to flow out with every bite, which is a big plus. Some eateries actually overbake till the salted egg start to solidify which is a real bummer.

Baked Hong Kong egg tarts

Best egg tarts I have ever eaten in my life. Everything in the egg tart seems to exist in harmony, blending in perfectly with one another.

The egg is not overly baked, giving it a slight bouncy appearance. The crust is not too hard, allowing you to easily break it apart mouth by mouth. Once the crust mixes with the egg in your mouth, it will bring forth a tsunami of sweet yet savoury goodness that will simply melt your heart.

You heard that right, melt your heart. Mark my words.

Baked BBQ pork pastry

The pastry skin was crispy while being not too flaky that it will fall everywhere. The bbq pork inside, although not the best I have eaten, tastes quite decent. Overall, a decent baked pork pastry.


One of the best affordable dim sum restaurants I have eaten in my entire life. Definitely worth visiting.

However, do take note that the waiting time is around 15-30minutes if you visit close to lunch/dinner hours so do make reservations if you don’t like waiting.

One more word of caution is that the dim sum gets served continuously one after another. If you like to take things slow, you can perhaps consider making 2 different orders to avoid your food getting cold.

Price: $$

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Address: 57 Jln Besar, Singapore 208809

Nearest MRT; Jalan Besar MRT

Opening hours: 9 am – 9 pm (Tuesday – Sunday)


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