Eat 3 Bowls [呷三碗]

Hi everyone! It’s Ice back again with another food review! Today, I am going to review a very interesting place Kayden brought me to and it’s called Eat 3 Bowls.

I love food, and I love taiwanese food, especially their beef noodles and braised pork rice. So, Kayden found this place for me! The eatery decorated their restaurant to be like a typical taiwanese classroom style, which is really cute and interesting!


Entrance of Eat 3 BowlsInterior of Eat 3 bowlsDecoration in eat 3 bowls

seats at eat 3 bowls

Isn’t it very cute? The chairs, tables, blackboards, school bags, and even the menu disguised as a workbook shows how much thought Eat 3 Bowls put into the decoration!


The ‘workbook’ menu allows you to look at the dishes you have, and they have this little laminated menu,in which you can use a marker to mark out the food you would like to order. And they provided both chinese and english menu! So fret not if you are a “banana”.

Milk Tea

We both ordered the Pearl Milk Tea ($3.8) and it comes with LOTS OF PEARLS! I couldn’t even finish it! It tastes not bad, a milk tea that has more of a tea taste to it~

milk tea with pearls

We ordered the beef noodles, braised pork rice and taiwanese sausage~ I am going to go deep into the beef noodles and braised pork rice, so let me briefly mention about the taiwanese sausage ($3.80) – don’t get it. it’s not worth it. I would rather get those pasar malam ones at $1.

beef noodle set

Beef Noodles

We ordered the beef noodle set, which comes with beef noodles and century egg at $13. Slightly on the pricier side, but let me tell you how worth it it is.

The beef noodles are REALLY GOOD! The broth is so flavourful! On first sip, it tasted a bit on the sour side, like a mixture of sour and spicy, which is really appetizing. However, as you drink more of the soup, the sour part of the soup kinds of ‘fade out’ and the soup becomes really flavourful and addictive. I don’t know what kind of magic this is, but I really love this soup and I finished it clean.

taiwan beef noodles

Moving on to the beef. It was SO TENDER! It almost melts in my mouth! The beef had a good fat-to-meat ratio that makes the texture really good! Other than that, the meat has fully absorbed the flavour of the soup, making it really delicious as well! I would definitely recommend you getting this beef noodles! They are one of the best taiwanese beef noodle I have eaten in Singapore.

taiwan beef noodles

Braised Pork Rice

Other than beef noodles, we ordered the braised pork rice ($4.5).

It’s basically just rice topped with fatty bits of sliced pork belly that are slowly braised in a rich and savoury sauce. It’s one of the signature taiwanese food that most people will know about other than beef noodles. The braised pork here is amazingly delicious as well! The pork, again, melts in the mouth with its good ratio of meat-to-fat ratio, and that it has soaked up all the good essence of the sauce it was braised in, making it really flavourful and addictive. Coupled with the rice, it’s one of those comfort food that makes you smile. Again, i highly recommend getting this.

Lu rou fan


This is a highly recommended place for people who love taiwanese food, or would like to try it! 😀 I am really happy to find a great place for good taiwanese food in Singapore, and even more happy to be able to share it to you guys.


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