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Hey guys! It’s Kayden here back with another juicy review! Today, I will be talking about Antea Social, a cafe tucked in a rather obscure location between Jalan Besar MRT and Farrer Park MRT.


antea social cafe vibes

The picture above doesn’t do this place justice! Antea Social is just so full of Zen vibes. From calming music to the wooden furniture and minimalist set up~ I really felt at peace, away from all the dreaded hustle and bustle Singaporeans face daily.

Another plus point of this cafe? It has a toilet! To be honest, not many cafes have toilets for customers which is quite a bummer. Just imagine drinking a few cups of tea/coffee and not having a place to release it, especially when the cafe is not near shopping malls.


This cafe serves a variety of different teas but their specialty is undoubtedly oolong teas. In addition, they also serve a few types of cakes and cookies :3

Golden Pomelo Oolong $8.50

antea social golden pomelo oolong tea

I ordered the iced golden pomelo oolong tea which I came to regret later. Don’t get me wrong, the tea is good. It has a rich pomelo scent and upon drinking it, the pomelo taste was very mildly present such that it does not overpower the oolong tea. The tea itself has a slightly roasted flavour with a very slight tinge of bitterness.

So why did I regret ordering iced tea? Read on to find out 🙂

Kyoho Grape Oolong $8

kyoho grape oolong tea

When you order hot tea, you get to choose your own pretty cup!! Omgosh, can you understand my pain now, getting charged $0.50 and not getting to choose my own cup…

Anyways, I suspect it’s the same kind of oolong tea being used here with a very similar flavour with the exception of the scent being replaced with kyoho grape. One more point to note is that hot tea allows the flavour of the fruit(pomelo, grape etc) to be more infused into the oolong tea, bringing the overall taste up a notch.

Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut $8.80

honey earl grey hazelnut cake

This slice of cake is pretty decent as well. Ice and I could taste the crunchy hazelnuts with every mouth, an indicator that they didn’t 偷工减料 (scrimp on the ingredients). The sweetness of the cake feels more like white chocolate/ vanilla to me than honeyed sweetness which I quite enjoy (:


Okay service, nothing spectacular. After placing your orders at the counter, the food will be served to your seat with instructions on how you should drink the tea. However, when this average/minimal service is put into context of this quiet and calming environment, it feels just about right.


A real gem that is hidden away from the busy MRT and shopping malls which is perfect for the Zen vibes this cafe is going for. I really felt relaxed inside this cafe, enjoying all the decently priced teas & cakes to the fullest.

Price: $$

Overall rating: 5/5

Address: 9 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207528

Opening hours:

11.30am – 7pm (Sunday – Thursday)

11.30am – 10pm (Friday, Saturday)


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