Hello guys! Today I am bringing you a review on the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Balm.
I googled it and realised that this lipstick balm has several conflicting reviews on it online – some complained about the sheerness of the colour, sweet smell and lasting power, while others raved about its hydrating and light formula.

This 2 lipsticks are actually birthday gifts from my close friends! So today, I will try them out and let you know my thoughts on them, in terms of its colour, texture, coverage, smell and longevity!

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Balm – Oil in Stick


On the website of YSL, they described the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Balm as a
medium-coverage oil-in-stick lipstick that provides luscious color and luminous shine while conditioning lips

The Lipstick Balm contains 60% oils, which melts into the lips, provide deep hydration to your lips. According to them, if you use them for 4 weeks, the lips will look healthier and more nourished. Other than being moisturising, the lipstick balm also provides high shine and luminosity in addition to the colours for your lips.
To add on in terms of the luxurious feeling the lipstick balm provides, the lipstick balm has the signature YSL mango scent, allowing it to be attractive in terms of colour, texture and smell!

Chili Tunique – 80

80 - chili tunique


So first up is the chilli tunique (80), which looks dark red on first look.

However, when swatched on the arm, you can see how it definitely does not look as dark and intimidating as it looks on the lipstick itself.
Instead, the colour is moderately warm-toned, a nice red with a tinge of brown in it, giving it a nice and natural finish.

The above compilation of images show how it looks like when applied on lips.
The left set of images are when they are applied with 1-2 layers. It gives off a very sheer finish, which gives the lips a very natural reddish-pink, making you look healthier. It also looks perfect with no make-up on!
The right set of images are when they are applied with several layers on, to produce a more vibrant colour. The colour do looks more reddish, with a very light tinge of brown in it. I think it looks great here! The face also looks more rosy when more layers of the lipstick are applied!

Corail Orient – 104 (Sparkle Edition)

104 - Coral Orient
Sparkle Edition


Next up will be the Corail Orient (104), which looks like a sweet pinkish-red.

When swatch, it looks like a really sweet coral pink, with shimmery gold glitter in it! That’s an interesting twist to the really sweet colour, and I was really excited to see how it would look like!

Similarly, in the collage above, the images on the left are when the lipstick is applied 1-2 layers while the images on right are when the lipstick is applied several times.
Left: It gives off a very sheer finish, with a very sweet coral pink look. Even though it cannot be seen in the image, there are actually gold glitters on the pink, making it looks extra shimmery and shiny from far. I think it really gives the sweet colour a twist to it.
Right: Unlike the colour Chili Tunique, this colour is not as buildable. The pinkish colour on the lips still look fairly similar to as when it was applied with 1-2 layers, although it does provides more coverage and is less sheer. The gold glitters on the lips make it look even more shimmery as well!

Comparison in colour between YSL lipstick balms

As you can see from the image, chili tunique (top) is slightly more reddish and brownish which is great for a day-to-day make-up, while corail orient (bottom) is more of a coral-ish pink which would be great for a date!

Texture & Coverage

The lip balm glides on really smoothly. Because 60% of the composition in the lip stick is oil, the lip balm does feel slightly more oily, but it’s rather light. Certain lip balms have that waxy-texture on the lips, while this one is much lighter than those.

Additionally, it feels really moisturising. It does sits a little into the lines, especially if your lips are chapped and really dry. But the moisturising formula of the lip balm makes the lips feel more hydrated and plumped up slightly.

However, the chili tunique colour sits into the line slightly, when the colour wears off in general, the colour still sits into the lip lines, which makes it slightly ugly in my opinion. On the other hand, the corail orient does not sit into the lip lines, but if you have dried up dead skin on your lips, the colour and glitter of the lip balm does accentuate the dryness. So do make sure that you exfoliate your lips before using this lipstick!

Coverage is about 30% on 1-2 layers of application. However, it is buildable to about 60-70%. My lips are dark, especially on the outer corner, and I find that the lip balm is unable to cover them. Although I don’t expect lip balms to have high coverage, I do think this one does a fairly good job when you go over it a few times.


Faint fruity smell. I am not sure if that is what the YSL signature mango scent, but it is not my favourite. However, when applied to lips, it doesn’t smell that strong. So that is acceptable.

Longevity & Colour Transfer

As it is meant to be a lip balm, and is made with 60% oil, it is almost impossible for it to be long-lasting and resistant to colour transfer.
Unsurprisingly, the colours come off with a wipe using tissue.

Something to take note though, is that for the corail orient, even when the colour comes off with a wipe using tissue, the gold glitters remain on the lips, and they really stuck on quite well and has to be removed with the help of a make-up remover.

Price: $52

As this was a birthday gift, I can only google for the price, which should be more or less correct.

The colour is pretty, it is buildable and definitely lives up to what it says – being really moisturising and hydrating.
However, at a price of $52, I would prefer it to be more long-lasting, as the colour really does comes out with just 1 press of the lips against the tissue. That means that several touch-ups will be required too!
Nevertheless, it is a really good lipstick/lip balm, and I think if you are looking for a coloured and really moisturising lip balm, do give it a try!


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