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Xerjoff is one of my personal favourite niche brands. All their scents come with superb packaging and the ingredients used are absolutely high-quality and phenomenal. Today, I will be reviewing Via Cavour 1, an exclusive fragrance that was only available for purchase at the Xerjoff Turin flagship store.

As part of the shooting stars collection, Via Cavour 1 comes with a small surprise in the box. Yes, it’s a piece of shooting star! As seen in the image below, my little bit of meteorite came from Siberia that fell to Earth on February 1947. This level of attention to detail is really what makes Xerjoff stands out to me as a consumer.


Top notes: Quince, White peach

Middle notes: Dark chocolate, Red berries, Morrocan rose, Rose, Patchouli

Base notes: Agarwood, Caramel, Vanilla, Amber, Cashmeran, Musk

Via Cavour 1 is undoubtedly a gourmand fragrance that is fruity, sweet, luxurious and fairly linear. On your first sniff, you will pick up sweet fruity nuances from the peach and quince notes that quickly fades into the background after 5 – 10 minutes.

Soon, you will start to smell the green patchouli, the full and luxurious rose, together with the musk. On my skin, the dark chocolate and oud do not really come out to play but act more as a supporting note to give the overall fragrance some depth and longevity.

Longevity & Projection

Longevity is a beast! Xerjoff Via Cavour 1 can easily last up to 12 hours with the above-average projection of 2-3 hours before forming a tighter scent bubble around you. As such, my advice is to go light on this fragrance during non-winter months, 3 sprays should be ample to last through the day without overpowering your peers.

Given the exclusivity of this fragrance and the high price point, its performance is definitely up to standard.

Seasons & Occasions

Xerjoff Via Cavour 1 is a fragrance for the fall and winter. If worn during the summer, you should only wear it when there’s air conditioning or during cooler nights. Otherwise, it might be really cloying to people sitting in the same room as you.

Occasions-wise, I believe that Via Cavour 1 is best suited for date nights or for parties. The sweet and fruity scent naturally invokes a more chill and playful character which can be unsuitable for work and meetings.


Xerjoff Via Cavour 1 is a sweet, fruity fragrance that has a very good performance. In addition, the whole bottle design and meteorite make it totally worth its cost. But, I will not recommend buying this if you are a rugged kind of guy who does not like roses.

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