PS Cafe Palais Renaissance

Hi everyone! It’s Ice back again with your weekly dose of food reviews. Today, I am going to review PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance! We have been wanting to visit PS cafe for a long time already and this outlet is known for its better food out of all the other outlets~

The cafe has a rather nice ambience, but I would say skip it if you are looking for a nice outdoor view.

It’s nice to sit around and chitchat over dinner or lunch though!


PS Spaghetti Bolognese

PS cafe spaghetti bolognese

So, I ordered this. I wanted to order the mushroom Wellington, which is highly raved, but it was sold out T.T so I got this, which was decent, but not worth the price. Pasta is al dente, the sauce is great, but overall nothing spectacular or amazing about it. Doesn’t leave a strong impression either! I would say skip this dish, as you can probably find better spaghetti Bolognese out there.

Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio

PS cafe spicy king prawn aglio olio

Kayden ordered this dish, and I must say it smells heavenly! The fried garlic aroma is so robust and pleasant which really brings the Aglio Olio to a whole new level! Again, spaghetti was well done and the taste is great! But I would prefer it if it was spicier~ Prawn is fresh and decent as well! I think this is worth a try~

Double Chocolate Blackout Cake

PS cafe chocolate cake

To end off our dinner, we got the chocolate cake which was HUGEEE. You rarely see restaurants giving such a huge slice of cake and a big scoop of ice cream to be honest. This was so good!! The chocolate is really thick and not too bitter. It balances well with the ice cream. However, it gets jelak towards the end, and is definitely super filling! We couldn’t even finish the cake in the end.


On a side note, we noticed that even though the food is on the pricier side, the portion PS Cafe serve is really more than what other restaurants would offer! So if you are going in a group, try ordering a few dishes to share and it would be just right!

We read reviews mentioning that the truffle fries there are really good and we saw a couple of tables ordering that. We gave it a pass because it’s definitely too much for the 2 of us. Definitely do try and let us know your thoughts 😀


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