I want my noodle review

Hi guys Kayden here! Today’s review is on the… I Want My Noodle!

First, let me show u guys the menu.

i want my noodle menu

They also have a set menu which is what I ordered today which comprise a drink, a salad and the noodle of the day which is pork noodle today!


Pork noodle set menu $10.90

pork noodle set meal

So, a fairly typical bowl of bak chor mee dry(minced meat noodle) except for maybe the huge vegetable.

So is it worth the price tag? No.

Don’t get me wrong, the noodles here don’t taste bad! The noodles they use are not the typical thin noodles, they are slightly thicker and super Q (springy) which is desirable for noodles! However, the sauce is the problem. They tried to have a little twist on the usual Singapore bak chor mee (minced meat noodle) and yes, I could taste it from their sauce and the chilli they use but just subtly and it didn’t WOW me.

Worse still, the sauce they use is too salty and the chilli somehow is amplifying the saltiness?! My goodness. It’s at the last few moments after I finished my noodles and I was scooping out the minced meat that I felt disgusted by the extreme saltiness. When there was still noodles, it was a bit too salty for liking but nothing extreme!

One saving point for this is their soup which I believe is mainly white radish soup. The typical dry minced meat noodle often uses bland if not slightly salty soup which I don’t think is a good choice? Because most of the time the sauce is already salty.

But this radish soup blends in so well with the saltiness to create this entirely new flavour which I was impressed indeed.


Let me praise the service provided here. The service there is really good. As I said, I ordered the set menu but why isn’t there a picture of the salad? Because I hate greens and opted out of it! Butttttt the guy serving me actually asked if I would like something else like for eg more bak chor? Which I happily accepted hehe! :3 I mean where do you get this kind of service?? Maybe at high-class restaurants? The staff are polite as well! This left a good impression on me.

But then, service is only a plus when the food is good right? I mean we’re there to eat!


In conclusion, it would have been nice if the saltiness can be toned down and maybe add some more ingredients instead of just bak chor and a piece of fried dumpling? Doesn’t make sense a normal bowl of minced meat noodles outside can have meatballs, fish cake for $4 but this stall selling $9 can’t right?

However, even with those improvements, I believe most Singaporeans will not want to visit >1 time as minced meat noodle is our hawker food and this has already been deeply ingrained inside us. Thus, we will unlikely be willing to fork out $9 to buy a bowl of hawker food.

That’s it for today’s review. Peace.


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