Geylang Lor 9 Beef Hor Fun

Hi guys, Kayden here back with another review. Today, I will be reviewing the ever so famous Geylang Beef Hor Fun that has gotten a Michelin plate.

Firstly, what is a Michelin plate? The Michelin Plate is the symbol for those restaurants that have neither a star nor a Bib Gourmand. For restaurants, being in the selection is a sign of very good food.

That’s that, Michelin or not doesn’t really matter as I have come across multiple Michelin star restaurants that do not live up to its name. Is it YSK approved? Let’s find out.


Geylang Lor 9 beef hor fun
Beef Hor Fun $7

The beef slices were really tender which really appealed to us. However, I can foresee that some might not like it, especially for those that prefer some texture and chewiness.

The portion is quite small despite the $7 price point and the sauce was underwhelming. Firstly, they use their own “special sauce”, not the one which we are familiar with. They added black beans and chilli into the sauce which gave the hor fun a little tinge of spiciness which we feel did not go well at all.

Secondly, there was no wok hey (slightly charred goodness) smell to the hor fun at all… This is definitely a no go as this made the hor fun taste bland.

Geylang Lor 9 Prawn Paste chicken
Prawn Paste Chicken $12

Straight up bad. The meat tasted dry and tough, a clear sign of overcooking.

Skin to meat ratio was way off as well. Even though the prawn paste taste was evident, the skin was too thin. This resulted in a lack of crunchiness from the skin and with every bite, we get reminded of how tough the meat tasted.


Below average. As a standalone restaurant in a coffeeshop setting, there was no one there to direct us to a table upon arrival. In fact, no one even attended to us after we chose a seat and sat down.

After a while, we managed to get hold of the lady in charged of taking orders but she clearly seemed uninterested and showed a sloppy attitude as well ):


Overhyped. Not sure what was the standard in the past but right now, it is definitely unworthy of any praises. Other than the tender beef slices, there is nothing worth mentioning.

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Price: $

Rating: 2/5


237 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389296

Opening hours: 11am – 12am daily


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