Forage Cafe review

Hey guys! Kayden here back with another review! This time I will be reviewing the Forage cafe! I have seen this cafe pop up numerous times on my Instagram stories and as food reviewers, Ice and I had to go try it out.

Forage cafe is a honey themed cafe by 13 honey which is a local bee farm here in Singapore! The cafe sticks faithfully to this theme and it is evident in their beautiful logo, their signature waffles, and drinks that come with a tiny bottle of honey!


Firstly, Forage cafe is located in Simpang Bedok which is very obscure and not easily accessible. Upon entering the cafe, you will notice that the space is quite cramped and can be noisy during lunch hours as well.

Next, when Ice and I visited Forage cafe, there was an issue regarding the power supply, causing electricity to be periodically cut off which affected the cashiering machine and kitchen. It was very weird but let’s just hope it was a one-off incident.


Chilli Cheese Chicken $17

Chilli cheese honey waffles

It is so so good! This dish was recommended to me by 2 friends and indeed it did not disappoint! The chilli cheese was so robust yet not overly jelak (cloying). The honey in the bottle provided added a unique twist to the whole waffle yet not clashing with the chilli cheese.

The fried chicken inside the waffle was crispy yet juicy and the overall presentation was definitely on point. Perhaps the only gripe we had is that the waffles can be a tad more crispy.

Turkey Ham & Cheese $17

Turkey ham and cheese waffles

The Ham & Cheese pairing seemed to be lackluster as compared to the chilli cheese. Same waffles, same honey but the waffles were missing that oomph from the spiciness present in chilli cheese variation which resulted in a less complex blend of flavours. This dish is definitely good though if you are unable to take spiciness.

Honey Cafe Latte $5.90

Honey cafe latte

A small bottle of honey is provided to be added to the latte as shown in the image above. Sadly, after adding every drop of the honey, the latte tasted like a regular latte.


Order is made at the cashier but food will be served to your table. Nothing to rave about, typical cafe service.


I like the honey concept of the cafe which is really unique but the obscure location is definitely off-putting. They recently opened a second outlet at Bencoolen street so you may want to check out that location instead.

The waffles are good, especially the chilli cheese variation but I can’t say the same about their pasta which I heard from various sources are very meh…

All in all, go for their waffles and enjoy the honey themed concept and interior of the cafe.

Price – $$

Overall rating – 3.5/5

30 Jln Pari Burong

Singapore 488696

Opening hours: 8am – 10pm (Monday – Sunday)


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